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  1. Welcome Natekartier to PR community Please feel free to join us on discord and have some great times. We also support a wide range of other titles.
  2. Welcome to the party! Hope to see you on voice sometime soon!
  3. Hi MemeSaurian, We are glad to hear you enjoy the PR servers and wanted to take more time to get to know us more. I encourage you to join us on discord and hop in voice chat and play with us some time. We are here to develop friendships and enjoy the games we love. I hope to see you around me. Turtle
  4. Guess whos back, back again! .. Glad to have you around /Salute
  5. Try this step Press F3 and type: open then press enter In RS2
  6. Welcome TheBoye45, Glad to see you joined up and represent the tag. Dam son 6'9 you tall as hell. We need to put that russian talk to use while on RS2. Would be funny as hell. Welcome aboard and hope to see you in the server.
  7. Hey you are lucky... He offered a bowl of rice a day... I get to munch on his socks when he gets done wearing them.
  8. Welcome James, I am Turtle or Alan and I am a staff member for PR. I welcome you to our community with open arms and a comforting place to play games and meet friends. I my self live in Georgia so we are technically neighbors. I encourage you to link up with us on discord to enjoy the finer things PR offers and meet new people to play with. Our community offers a lot of knowledge if you seek computer related information like custom building computers and server hosting. Its great to meet you and look forward to speaking with you and gaming with you soon.
  9. Hi Exodus-Maine, We are sorry you had a bad experience on the server. We strive to keep the community enjoyable for all players and sometimes other players like to ruin nice things. I encourage you to hop on the discord and we can discuss further if you would like. I am sure by now you are allowed back into our servers but if you are still having issues please let me know. We want everyone to have a great time and enjoy all the things PR has to offer. Kind Regards, Turtle
  10. Welcome Boppers! I am glad you came aboard and loooking forward to playing with you as well. We are a wholesome community always looking for new friends to join us. A lot of us play a variety of different games and as such I am sure you can always find people to game with. While PR is mainly focusing on RS2 currently we do from time to time form groups to play other games. What are some games you like to play? I see you put FPS and some MMORPG. What FPS games are you currently into? Anything exciting? Make sure to put in a application for membership as there are special perks with that and join us on the discord! Looking forward to speaking with you more!
  11. Heck ya I love 7 days to die. Have not been on it recently as I was waiting for a few more updates but would love to get a server up for it to play on!
  12. We have daily meetings discussing servers, games, expanding, members and etc... While we are settings our roots in RS2 we do encourage members to play all sorts of games and I for one would love to have some PR's to play with. I own over 700 titles all different variants of game play. I have Battlefield ( newb ranked on pc ), I have Halo and we are setting up halo stuff as well on PR discord. Warzone, CoD, a few free based shooters which are amazing. I am always opened to buying more games if it means playing with fellow PR. Keep tossing idea's up and we will review and see where we are within our PR deployments to look at other things. As well nice to meet you and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
  13. Nice to meet you sir! As a fellow service member from the United States, it is great to have you here and look forward to playing. If there is any other games you play let me know as I may be on them as well and can get some good game time in.
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