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  1. Good morning. Do you only play HLL or also Rising Storm? But I'm sure we'll play HLL together in the future.
  2. Hey, A short introduction although it probably won't take long until you get to know me anyway. I am Max, ingame my name is Nul-Dhurz and since our commander is already called Max, just call me Nul aka Null. I'm 18 and play on the RS 2 server almost every day. Yes that is me. Looking forward to the next time with -=PR=- BTW since that's what everyone writes. I am German
  3. Usually you are warned several times before you get kicked. If this was not the case it was probably a vote kick or a technical error. The admins have no direct control over either.
  4. I have a family! How can we all survive on a bowl of rice?
  5. After talking to some respected PR members and some recruits today, it turned out that our beloved leader is doing all this just to enslave us. This news is 100 percent real. I have witnesses that prove that there was talk about MadMax bringing people to England to keep them as workers without pay. Are we going to accept that? Or should we support our beloved leader Long live PR!
  6. Flying is no fun when a few specific people are chasing helicopters, and yes I think it is clear who I mean. I would argue in favor of autobanning Leon if he shoots down a helicopter that I'm in. Thank you. CLEAR NO JOKE Save my live!
  7. Nul_Dhurz


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