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    • After some work getting the bugs out the new fleet management system is now live! The new system allows for any corporation officer+ to create and manage a fleet within the corporation. Through this new section you can privately share fittings within the fleet, access fleet only discussions and plan events. There is no limit on how many fleets an officer may create or be a part of, however all fleets are moderated and need to be approved prior to them appearing. Fleets can have an unlimited number of discussion areas and events calendars. The events system is very advanced, if an event is added all pilots within the fleet are invited to RSVP automatically, if an event is taking place you can even use this feature to announce immediately to the fleets members via email that they are needed. Keep in mind we track everything fleet wise and log events and such, abuse of this system will see it restricted for everyone. Fleet Listing & Creation Main Fleet Overview Screenshot from creating a new event: Fleet invite Fleets listed on member profile
    • Welcome to the corp and website Sath 🙂
    • Hey lol welcome :)
    • o7 Hey all. thought I'd add the intros. In game you'll see me as Sathorian Huren. You can call me Sath for short in discord. You can normally find me online running lvl 4s for cash, but I'm always up for a fight if you need some backup. Whatever will let me watch more ships blow up! I take frequent screenshots if you find anything worth seeing, I may even be coaxed into paying a finders fee if I get a particularly good shot out of it! Fly safe!
    • So um yea.... seems I have not done this yet.... so HI! ok lets go scan!
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