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I am MadMax the Community Manager here at Phantom Rebels, a clan I have ran since 2004.

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    • If you cannot see our IP servers it is likely you have been accidentally caught up in a mass IP ban during ddos attacks on our servers. The firewall we use will block attacking IPs and we have recently added thousands to the firewall that were involved in recent attacks. If you can see our servers are online under the servers page on the website but cannot see them in-game, feel free to contact me either via PM here or over Discord.
    • can confirm, i have been clicked on multiple times, 1/10 would not recommend 
    • Heya, i been a while since i joined PR, so its a shame i didnt introduced myself earlier. Im Flissto (shorter Fliss) and a 19 yo student from Germany. Im a boyscout and Flissto is my scout nickname, so thats were's my name from. I really like to play (Hardcore)-shooter, and some strategic games. Im pretty interested in history, especially in 20th century. Atm im studying at a university and want to become a teacher (maths and IT) in future. I really enjoy to play with u guys!! Love ya all ❤️ 
    • Another Scot 😁 we are growing! soon be enough of us to take over the server
    • Scotland, the only country where the girls are scarier than the lads... I like you now, we can be friends my fellow Scot
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