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  • New submarine map now active on RS2 #1 server! Green army men maps between 7:30-9:30 - times vary We are recruiting! Signup today via the PR Menu / Apply Now Join the discord to receive the most up-to-date -=PR=- information Skybird is active! Members are always first in queue to join our servers

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    3. alraight do team kills count?
    4. To apply u must do an insane suicide kill! Pls send the video material to the bureau of the suicide pilots.
    5. We were training for our pilot suicide squad xD No RPG needed
    6. Hey all, I got RS2 since it was available for purchase on Steam. My Discord name is SPACE FROG and my steam name is the same as the Forum name. I'm soon-to-be 20 and currently have a job so I can't play as much as I want, but still looking forward to play RS2 with y'all :] Ps : Got a mic
    7. Last week
    8. I hope you enjoy our community and servers! I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
    9. Started playing Rising Storm vietnam recently and found your community and servers to be the most cooperative and enjoyable out there. I'm 20 turning 21 from the UK and can't wait to spend more time playing with you all.
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    12. ewwww a red legged jawhawker lol. I'm originally a Missouri boy living in the UK myself
    13. Welcome to our Community!
    14. I play RS 2 since Epic did a free giveaway. Somehow I had never heard of it before, despite logging thousands of hours in RO2 and loving it. I'm 25 and originally I'm from Kansas but for the last three years I've lived in Berlin. You'll see me on the servers as Derkylidas because someone stole my mildly-obscure 20th century Russian revolutionary default name on Epic before I could get it! I recognize some of the names in the introduction forum already. Looking forward to seeing your boots beside mine in the trenches! Hoorah!
    15. MadMax

      Battle Tags

      This system was setup in 2005 and still retained to this very day as a bit of fun and keep people guessing who killed who. Also a great tactic to throw enemy concentration for a moment in battle if they are focused on working out kill feed names etc. For official sanctioned matches (Matches arranged by a Match Officer or MadMax) we authorize the use of our battle tag nickname system. Tags will usually be a 3 letter shortened version of your name (with the exception of our Commander MadMax who is 4). For Steam players: So my own battle tag is =MDMX= Jock would be =
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      Welcome to the community! Glad to have you!
    19. Hello guys i'm 21 from the UK been playing rising storm 2 since it come out but been playing on and off but now back at it playing and being active so i thought i'd join PR
    20. ATTENTION This is the latest of the -=PR=- Monthly Roundups. October has been a busy month, not only for Phantom Rebels as a community but the whole of the RS2 community. We have seen the introduction of RS2 into the Epic Games Store which has brought us plenty of new players and members! As well as the odd problem or two Speaking of problems, the majority of the problems we faced due to the latest updates have now been resolved, many of them thanks to our very own MadMax who has been working tirelessly to help not only the community he has run since 2004, but the RS2
    21. Welcome to the Community! If you have any issues or questions then feel free to drop me a message either here or on Discord! I hope to see you on the battlefield soon!
    22. Rising Storm 2 player here. 23 from the Netherlands. Been playing on the PR servers since i got the game. Always seem to find some good vibes there. Hope to see you all on the battlefield soon!
    23. Penalty Offence 1st Offence 2nd Offence 3rd Offence Hacking PERM** N/A N/A Imitating a Admin PERM** N/A N/A Racism/Sexism/Toxicity Ban* PERM** N/A Glitching Warn & Kick Ban* PERM** Excessive Teamkilling Warning Ban* PERM** Disrespecting an Admin
    24. Welcome to our Community! I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
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