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  • Hosting Tripwire Community Game Night TONIGHT! We are recruiting! Signup today via the PR Menu / Apply Now

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    5. Hey mate, sounds great. To apply just fill out the following formular: https://www.phantomrebels.com/departments/human-resources/member-apps/apply-here/?do=form&d=4 Best Regards Fliss
    6. Hello guys, I play a lot of RS2/RO, over 1k hours atm, i used to be admin of a gaming clan and i did a lot of training and games between clans etc I wanted to be a part of a game team again so here i am, hope u accept me
    7. yaboi786


    8. Tonight we host the Tripwire Community Game Night! This will be 2 hours of custom maps on -=PR=- #1 server on Rising Storm. We are the second community to have been picked for this great honor. Tripwire will be streaming the event live via twitch https://www.twitch.tv/tripwireinteractive Our maps can be pre-loaded via subbing to our workshop collection https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2059623972
    9. With the institution of this new rule, I have to say whole heartedly I am against it. A 45 second wait between caps is sufficient in my opinion because: -It is a viable tactic that can be counter by recon and hunter teams, especially given that you cannot fire while in the "next area" of the map -It takes 12-15 seconds for a spawn along with an additional 12-15 seconds to run into the cap for the defenders -On some maps, when going for the campaign win (think Firebase and Point Echo) it is the only way to avoid the slog
    10. Hey, Welcome to PR, hope you enjoy your time here Let us know if you have any issues etc on the discord.
    11. MadMax, Jock, I have seen and experienced this as well at times, but have not seen it substantially abused. As you said, there will always be that one guy who tries to ruin the game for everyone. Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast. I just grin and bear it most times.
    12. Does anyone know how I can change my name in RS2, so I can put on the PR tag?
    13. Just wanted to say hello and I'm happy to be accepted as a member. I look forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield!
    14. until
      There will be a General Staff meeting at this time.
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    17. Yoi Blackkit

      Yoi Blackkit

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    22. Akıncı


      hello welcome
    23. Hey there, I am Lord Zares. I am a 20 year old german dude who really likes mil-sim games and teamplay. I am open for everyone and everything, so if there is anything you wanna know, just go ahead and ask me! I may be a bit shy a first, but once I get used to my environment and the people around me I will get more open and talkative. I am relativily new to the pc world, so if there are any technical difficulties with me or I don't understand something, just give me some time and I'll get behind it ^^
    24. Gykk


      Hi, I'm new here. So I have to introduce myself. I live in Russia in Volgograd. I play RS2V and learn GameDev in C#. I also like to watch anime.
    25. MadMax


      Nice to have you finally join us mate Glad your here.
    26. Novi


      hey guys i've been playing on the servers for some time now,so i know some of you know me but I finally got around to joining PR. see you all ingame,look foward to being apart of this community
    27. Come one, come all! You are cordially invited to the first ever Phantom Rebels community day! On the 30th of this month during custom hour, we’ll be opening a special private server for you! Yes you! For a full session of RS2 matches of your choice as a reward for all your hard work working the rice fields and fueling our propaganda factories! All you need to do is let us know if you're interested and you'll receive a golden ticket to the server in the form of a password. There are limited places, as we can’t afford to let you all have too much fun at once without damaging our mean
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