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    4. Just seen your reddit post about fixing, thank you so much! Will be back on the servers soon.
    5. We have looked into this and short of us wiping the servers and seeing if that fixes it I cannot see a fix for this. 90fps should be fine to play with. Not much else I can do as we're not prepared to wipe and reinstall the servers.
    6. Hi guys, create an account just to say this, I really like your servers but they are actually capped at 90fps, all other servers I can run up to my 240fps monitor refreshrate, but only on PR servers is it capped at 90. Believe me its the case and there will be a reason. Please look into it, it definitely is affecting everyone people just don't notice as they likely don't look. Sadly having to avoid playing on your servers despite them having some of the best pings available and generally liking them, because the drop from 240fps to 90 is a major issue for me. There is no way its ju
    7. Earlier
    8. Guess whos back, back again! .. Glad to have you around /Salute
    9. Should be able to get back in now. Please try to use the discord in the future as this is quicker. Thanks
    10. Happaned me too. I was playing on PR1 and got server kicked. I had around 9-10 kills as marksman and my squad was the top squad too.
    11. Hey, Glad you finally decided to join the PR site. If you want to become a -=PR=- member let us know.
    12. Anonymousse_1


    13. Hello everyone, After 150 hours on RS2V, I finally decided to join the phantoms rebels. Why ? Because you have the servers with the less of ping for me with an active community. I'm 16yo, an Hô Chi Minh fan and not from an English-speaker country so please be tolerant with my way of writing. Don't ask me my k/d, I have my reasons for not wanting to say it. But as you can guess, I'm more bad than good ^^. I hope I will have fun with you with killing GIs and burning rice. Anonymousse_1
    14. Glad to have you back around Dave, see you on the Battlefield soon!
    15. Hey everyone I do not believe alot of people really know me but I was in -=PR=- back in the early days of BHD wayyy back in 2004 so im here to request some tags back, and I am very excited to see everyone back on the battlefield ! I have truly missed everyone and cant wait to meet everyone and get to know you guys!
    16. Szymixxdd


    17. I am the egg of goose the farmer, accept it
    18. 1sanger


    19. Hello! I have been visiting the servers of this community for a long while and while being drunk there has been a decision to somehow join this community. I should start to introduce myself? My username is Culpable and my country is Latvia, have been playing games since 2012 and currently am studying history in university. I have been playing this game since the open beta and have loved it ever since, unfortunately only started playing actively from 2020 when the game already started dying. Oh well. My interests consist of history, war, culture, ethnic conflicts, army and many
    20. thank you very much!
    21. un-attach the account on the website https://www.phantomrebels.com/settings/login/?service=2 Make a new discord account and rejoin as you did before you may also want to download the app https://discord.com/download
    22. When I became a member of PR I made a discord, I mistyped the password and my email, so I can’t log back in, can I get a new invite to the discord so that I put my new discord account their?
    23. I have replied https://www.phantomrebels.com/departments/human-resources/member-apps/apply-here/1sanger-r295/
    24. Ok, thank you for responding, I will apply now
    25. Merged your other topic with this one. You can use the epic store nickname in the signup form. The Main benefit is that you have queue priority when the server is full. There is no cost to join but some members donate.
    26. I was wondering what are the benefits of being a PR member, and if I can use my epic store ID and not a steam ID, and the last question does it cost money. Sorry if this question was asked before
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