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    5. Earlier afternoon connection messages were caused by a backend connection to the Epic online system, which has since fixed as we restarted all the server over an hour ago now.
    6. If you aren’t in the discord I suggest doing so. That’ll be the quickest way to get ahold of me when I’m not on my PC
    7. So, server not responding is just another failure to connect. Just try again and if the issue persists, then just close RS2 and try it again.
    8. Hey, how do I join a server that is full? It says that I can't connect to the server.
    9. Catwin


    10. I’m here to help alleviate stress from the staff by helping new players on -=PR=- just hit me up if you have any questions etc
    11. thanks for the compliment its a nice suprise to get a nice word from our players sometimes it makes my day wed love to have you over on the discord server weve got quite a lovely community of people over there.
    12. Hello all members and players from PR server, im jRc (Pedro) from Portugal and im 37, i start playing RS2 almost for 2 years now! I was a member from another servers comunity before, but last few months i stop playing due to personal problems, now im back on my hobbie and recently start playing on your servers, cool players and the servers nice. see you all on the field. Just keep the good work and gg for everyone!
    13. Turn off Tunnelbear VPN and you should be able to join without issue. We do ban VPN users on the discord now. Closing this as a solution has been provided.
    14. SupaTroopa


    15. I am new to website and was trying to join discord to play with pple
    16. Hello it says I am banned from your discord when I have never set foot in your discord. Why is this?
    17. Welcome Natekartier to PR community Please feel free to join us on discord and have some great times. We also support a wide range of other titles.
    18. keryto


    19. If you would like to have your account removed from the website you can PM me. You can also send a simple email from the account email to [email protected] Contact information is also on all pages of the site at the bottom of the page.
    20. Welcome Natekartier if you want to join PR you need to fill out the application form(PR MENU->Apply to join). As sanger said, if you have any more questions just join the discord, someone ill definitely help you.
    21. Welcome Natekartier to PR! I’m glad to hear that you love RS2, please join our discord server so we can answer your question about members and promotions more in detail
    22. rising storm 2 is the best fps alive. Truly my favorite game. love that this game didnt die out like others. A little confused about the member stuff and promotions here. Looking forward to this community.
    23. my discord account was terminated for comedic purposes and now i cant get into the PR discord cause whenever i try it cancels automatically and i get sent an empty screen, could any mod send me a discord invite?
    24. Welcome to the party! Hope to see you on voice sometime soon!
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