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  3. Hello and welcome, glad you are enjoying our servers and speak to you on discord πŸ™‚
  4. Yo Guys, The name's Fayan but you can call me Hushy. I started playing on PR about a week or two ago and let me say, I really enjoy it. To the staff: Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated. And to MadMax: This community that you have built is one bomb-ass community, great work. There's a picture of my dog attached, hope you like herπŸ˜‚ Hushy πŸ˜‹
  5. Hi There, We spoke on discord and will see if we can get something arranged in the future πŸ™‚
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  7. im always down for games my dood
  8. Absolutely, This is what we built the community for. Hop on discord and lets team up sometime!
  9. Guest

    OP AA Squad

    So, Im new to the game and was wondering if anyone would like to squad up for some multiplayer. I noticed that playing with friends is much more fun.
  10. Hello Guys, I am Powerbits , the clanleader for the the PBS GAMETEAM at https://pbsgameteam.com . I would like to request you guys for a scrim/war on RS2 with Territories 32 vs 32 Many thanks for contacting me back :)
  11. Heya Boppers! First off, welcome! Always cool to see a new player. I was hopping to actually drag in one of my friends who got the game literally today, so if you'd like, you're welcome to tag along with us. However a great way to find new people is to join the discord, as MadMax is in the VC quite a bit. Have a blast of a time man! TheBoye45
  12. Welcome Boppers! I am glad you came aboard and loooking forward to playing with you as well. We are a wholesome community always looking for new friends to join us. A lot of us play a variety of different games and as such I am sure you can always find people to game with. While PR is mainly focusing on RS2 currently we do from time to time form groups to play other games. What are some games you like to play? I see you put FPS and some MMORPG. What FPS games are you currently into? Anything exciting? Make sure to put in a application for membership as there are special perks with that and join us on the discord! Looking forward to speaking with you more!
  13. Hello everyone, just a newish player to RS2 looking for people to play the game with! About me: 26/M/US Currently lvl 50, always looking for tips on how to improve! I play mainly FPS games on all platforms but I do play mmorpgs from time to time. Not really sure what to put here other than I hope I can make some new friends on RS2!
  14. Heck ya I love 7 days to die. Have not been on it recently as I was waiting for a few more updates but would love to get a server up for it to play on!
  15. I'd like to get a 7 days to die server up at some point, rather a fun game.
  16. We have daily meetings discussing servers, games, expanding, members and etc... While we are settings our roots in RS2 we do encourage members to play all sorts of games and I for one would love to have some PR's to play with. I own over 700 titles all different variants of game play. I have Battlefield ( newb ranked on pc ), I have Halo and we are setting up halo stuff as well on PR discord. Warzone, CoD, a few free based shooters which are amazing. I am always opened to buying more games if it means playing with fellow PR. Keep tossing idea's up and we will review and see where we are within our PR deployments to look at other things. As well nice to meet you and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
  17. Nice to meet you sir! As a fellow service member from the United States, it is great to have you here and look forward to playing. If there is any other games you play let me know as I may be on them as well and can get some good game time in.
  18. Welcome to the family and forums! Nice to see more members become active on the forums and thanks for helping support the community. We encourage everyone to keep posting when they can and provide insight for the new members. 600 hours on RS2? Dam.... I never heard of the game until MadMax told me about it. See you on the battlefield! #For Da Rice!
  19. Clusterhunt


  20. Although I've been a member for around two months now is as good a time as any to talk a bit about myself. I guess to start off with is that I'm a 21 year old college student in the United States. Specifically I am majoring in history at a small liberal arts college in the middle of Pennsylvania. As for why I joined PR well I played on the server for a bit and enjoyed the company of so many present within the RS2 servers. I've logged roughly 600 hours on RS2 over the course of two year and always found myself hopping around servers. You lot are a great bunch and are genuinely inviting, I'm here to offer my insight into the game as well as to grow the community as much as possible. If anyone ever has any questions for me, whether it concern RS2 or anything at all feel free to message me either on here or on discord @Leon Thotsky#2113. Thank you all.
  21. Flying is no fun when a few specific people are chasing helicopters, and yes I think it is clear who I mean. I would argue in favor of autobanning Leon if he shoots down a helicopter that I'm in. Thank you. πŸ˜„ CLEAR NO JOKE Save my live!
  22. pixel


    thx max, didnt know it was own team Well i shot niku few times but he doesnt seems to know witch direction shot came from, so map awerness. i tought some would hunt me, but hey didnt .. kinda strange for letting that happen. im kinda sad i didnt use my pickaxe πŸ™‚ next time i will.
  23. MadMax


    Hi, From what I understand you were vote kicked by your team and no admin or clan member had input into that decision. Team vote kicks are hard to work out sometimes so i would not take it personally. A vote kick usually bans until the map changes, although I did lift your ban immediately as i do with most. From what I was told you had been asked to stop camping spawning players several times and continued, logging shows it was a non-member that initiated the vote kick. We had no input into that other then requesting you to stop camping over voice. As far as me using arty on the water tower, that had to be done due to a squad leader up there at that particular moment and that was the only way of getting them off so that is very rare.
  24. pixel


    RS2 Well maby it wasnt nice to shoot you 5 times in the ass, and thats consinderd spawnkilling i geuss. But if a chopper kills a tunnel with fresh spawned players is normal, if napalm hits vc commander with rapid deploy lucky? if mark is behind objectief and close to tunnels again normal. but oh dear if no one shoots a enemy player whille objectief is taken, to be fair its the player fault for not knowing the gun sounds from game. Or having no recon after point is taken. Flanking is part of RS2 and pulling that off is the fun. LINK your were laying on watertower as US soldier on chucie map whille F was not taken, and then is was 7 vs 8 people. Madmax did shoot you off with arty, and thats normale i geuss. Even if rules did say less then 10vs10 no support. You lot bending the rules. But thats normale i geuss ...
  25. Hey there nice to meet you, The discord link is actually pinned in the important topics or you can just connect your website account to it.
  26. Been fighting with you guys in the rice paddys for a while now. So i thought it might be a good time to get stuck in πŸ™‚ if you could invite me to the discord that would be mighty fine! my discord has decided to be a nuisance πŸ˜„
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