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  1. MadMax


    Sorry to see you go, you will be welcome back at anytime
  2. We now have several hardware firewalls in place between the internet and the Rising Storm 2 servers. These will add 1ms to ping as each packet coming in is now being checked. The network learns what is normal and will react very quick to ddos attacks coming in. We currently have it setup to assume its always under attack, we do not expect to change that as it has the less then a 3 second reaction time. IP and region blocks have been lifted as we are now confident this system we have in place will now protect the RS2 servers. We also have new hardware the RS2 servers are on using AMD processors running over 4Ghz which has allowed us to increase the tick rate of both servers.
  3. Welcome to the community! If you need anything feel free to let one of us know.
  4. MadMax


    That would be a team vote like nul said.
  5. No pay? You all get a bowl of rice a day...
  6. I think we should support the party general secretary comrade. Anything else is suicide.
  7. Welcome to Phantom Rebels, hope you enjoy your time with us, see you in game
  8. Hello and welcome, glad you are enjoying our servers and speak to you on discord
  9. Hi There, We spoke on discord and will see if we can get something arranged in the future
  10. I'd like to get a 7 days to die server up at some point, rather a fun game.
  11. MadMax


    Hi, From what I understand you were vote kicked by your team and no admin or clan member had input into that decision. Team vote kicks are hard to work out sometimes so i would not take it personally. A vote kick usually bans until the map changes, although I did lift your ban immediately as i do with most. From what I was told you had been asked to stop camping spawning players several times and continued, logging shows it was a non-member that initiated the vote kick. We had no input into that other then requesting you to stop camping over voice. As far as me using arty on the water tower, that had to be done due to a squad leader up there at that particular moment and that was the only way of getting them off so that is very rare.
  12. Hey there nice to meet you, The discord link is actually pinned in the important topics or you can just connect your website account to it.
  13. Welcome to the site Bird
  14. Hi Mojo, I see you often too! Nice to meet you. Feel free to join us on discord
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