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  • About Phantom Rebels

    Phantom Rebels is a multi-gaming community started in 2004 by MadMax. See our servers page for list of current active games.

    Discord Server
    Our Discord is open to everyone. There are no age restrictions on our Discord server and for this reason it is heavily moderated at times.

    History of Phantom Rebels

    Phantom Rebels has always existed in some form or another and was started back in 2004 on a FPS called Delta Force: Back Hawk Down by MadMax, at the time this was Phantom Rebels only active game but was very successful with over 100 active members. We had a server that was constantly full, so full in fact we had to often kick non members out of it to make room for them!

    As my interest in the game DF:BHD declined I found myself playing more and more World of Warcraft and officially started a guild on this sometime towards the end of 2010.
    Starting our very small but became active and popular, like our previous server on DF:BHD our WoW guild took off and before we knew it there were over 500 members, though half of those were likely alts. Sadly sometime in 2018 the guild was deleted and no longer exists.

    We briefly ran a Battlefield 4 server which was full at all times and often you could find DICE employees on the server too!


    Important members in Phantom Rebels Past & Present

    Members mentioned below may not still be active with us, but they will never be forgotten!

    Dave Barber
    Known as Limey

    I got to meet Dave in person, he now runs Falorn Hope / United Kingdom alliance.

    Jamie Belfiore
    Characters: Mezmerise, Epixcheeks, Mezmerised, Mexlol 

    After a few months of playing world of warcraft I ran into someone called Jamie Belfiore who i consider a friend... we have been over 8 realms in the game together and keep in touch as much as possible. 

    Jamie helped out with the guild on Malorne and while he took no large parts in the forming of the guild he did help give idea's feedback and his opinions etc which came in helpful. Jamie now is playing as a horde but still hangs out on Discord. Fact: Jamie is actually the coolest person i've met (he builds race cars!!!). 

    Jorge Vera
    Characters: Jissan, Jikido 

    Jorge helps the guild more then he thinks! Even though he wont take the role as a LT. GM Jorge does always come in teamspeak and is very social.

    Jorge will do anything to help guild members and me where needed.... words cannot describe how grateful I am to have a friend like Jorge. Even while typing this our he is telling me there are spelling mistakes on the site :classic_laugh:

    Others: TheFenix, Aloisia, Merrick, Saraswati

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