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  • New submarine map now active on RS2 #1 server! Green army men maps between 7:30-9:30 - times vary We are recruiting! Signup today via the PR Menu / Apply Now Join the discord to receive the most up-to-date -=PR=- information Skybird is active! Members are always first in queue to join our servers


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    1. Member Meeting 09/08/2020 These are the notes from the member meeting, they do not show the status on items just what was discussed. Game suggestions Hell let loose: Filmjölk and Scotty had a nice meeting with some HLL Clans A new server is not necessary, we had one in the past, didnt worked well The idea is to stick to other clans to make our Clan-tag more public Squad: may not be the type of player we are looking for VR-Chat: Azele would like to create a small group and Titan is interested VR Chat is free on steam and does not need actual VR equip
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