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  • New submarine map now active on RS2 #1 server! Green army men maps between 7:30-9:30 - times vary We are recruiting! Signup today via the PR Menu / Apply Now Join the discord to receive the most up-to-date -=PR=- information Skybird is active! Members are always first in queue to join our servers


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    1. MadMax


      Nice to have you finally join us mate Glad your here.
    2. Come one, come all! You are cordially invited to the first ever Phantom Rebels community day! On the 30th of this month during custom hour, we’ll be opening a special private server for you! Yes you! For a full session of RS2 matches of your choice as a reward for all your hard work working the rice fields and fueling our propaganda factories! All you need to do is let us know if you're interested and you'll receive a golden ticket to the server in the form of a password. There are limited places, as we can’t afford to let you all have too much fun at once without damaging our mean
    3. until
      This is a Fun Match all members are welcome to attend. If you signup please ensure you are there! To vote for the maps you would like played see here:
    4. We are pleased to announce that @Titan and @Cynthia will be running squads withing Phantom Rebels. This will be 2 6-man squads to start with for this month and allow us to further develop these squads into what will hopefully become the Platoons system. The squad leaders will be running their own training sessions with help of Flissto on our training server and will be taking part in in-house matches. The first match being on the 13th of February. There will be weekly training sessions besides the above match. Anyone is welcome to join these squads if there is space.
    5. Rules are very well enforced provided one of our team is online to do that. We use our free time in enforcing server rules and moderating. While we could give every member admin rights it was decided a long time ago it was better to have a limited number of staff that are level headed rather then all members able to kick or ban. As such there will be times (specially in US night hours) where there is limited staff coverage. We do expand our staff team when we can but only when someone can be trusted and has earned that right. As Community Manager I do apologise for any issues yo
    6. Well what a year it has been! I wanted to reach out this holiday season and say a big massive thank you for being a member of the Phantom Rebels community. I know times have been tough on some members of our community throughout the year mentally, physically and financially. We have as a result setup a welfare-check channel in Discord for any of you that might need help and our staff team monitors this closely. We have had literally hundreds of players coming through our community servers daily and discord I just wanted to recognize how hard the Phantom Rebels Members and Staff ha
    7. We have a "Zero Tolerance" policy for the below. These will result in immediate and permanent blacklist and banishment from our servers, discord and Phantom Rebels. Racial slurs or racist behaviour directed at anyone Cheating / Exploiting (abusing game mechanics even if known about to the developers is not allowed here) Clear breaches of a games Terms of Service, we report these as seen Name calling, bullying or singling a player or member out, this includes associating people with certain terms such as "Karens" Anything that could be interpreted as abusiv
    8. MadMax

      Battle Tags

      This system was setup in 2005 and still retained to this very day as a bit of fun and keep people guessing who killed who. Also a great tactic to throw enemy concentration for a moment in battle if they are focused on working out kill feed names etc. For official sanctioned matches (Matches arranged by a Match Officer or MadMax) we authorize the use of our battle tag nickname system. Tags will usually be a 3 letter shortened version of your name (with the exception of our Commander MadMax who is 4). For Steam players: So my own battle tag is =MDMX= Jock would be =
    9. The servers are tickrate locked to 30 (default is 20). Other then that we have no control over game client FPS afaik.
    10. Nice to have you here Chaos, hope you enjoy it
    11. Added info regarding spawning on US SLs.
    12. I will look at that and have recently added the submarine base map to the server. The sad part is that customs empty the server faster at night so we have to be careful what we add. Current state of campaign:
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