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    1. MadMax


    2. Earlier afternoon connection messages were caused by a backend connection to the Epic online system, which has since fixed as we restarted all the server over an hour ago now.
    3. Turn off Tunnelbear VPN and you should be able to join without issue. We do ban VPN users on the discord now. Closing this as a solution has been provided.
    4. If you would like to have your account removed from the website you can PM me. You can also send a simple email from the account email to [email protected] Contact information is also on all pages of the site at the bottom of the page.
    5. To get this undone quicker you can let us know in the discord server is quickest. Vote kicks by a team last until the map changes. hope this helps.
    6. We have looked into this and short of us wiping the servers and seeing if that fixes it I cannot see a fix for this. 90fps should be fine to play with. Not much else I can do as we're not prepared to wipe and reinstall the servers.
    7. Should be able to get back in now. Please try to use the discord in the future as this is quicker. Thanks
    8. Hey, Glad you finally decided to join the PR site. If you want to become a -=PR=- member let us know.
    9. Glad to have you back around Dave, see you on the Battlefield soon!
    10. un-attach the account on the website https://www.phantomrebels.com/settings/login/?service=2 Make a new discord account and rejoin as you did before you may also want to download the app https://discord.com/download
    11. I have replied https://www.phantomrebels.com/departments/human-resources/member-apps/apply-here/1sanger-r295/
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