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  1. We are now accepting donations towards the server. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be put towards maintaining or upgrading our servers. Please let me know if you have any questions or encounter any isssues. You can find the new donations page over here - https://www.phantomrebels.com/donate/
  2. Welcome to the site Bird 🙂
  3. Hi Mojo, I see you often too! Nice to meet you. Feel free to join us on discord 😄
  4. Spawn Camping Guidelines Spawn camping is allowed, excessive camping is not. Example of camping that is not excessive: You are passing a tunnel without destroying it but kill an enemy on it to pass by. Obviously if you are seen repeatedly at a tunnel you cross into being an excessive camper. You may not: Watch a squad tunnel and kill enemies as they spawn. Be in a position that allows you to lock down / camp a default spawn on a map Ignore server admins, staff or mods If asked to move this is considered a warning, failure to move will likely result in kick or session ban. You may: Kill enemies on a squad tunnel as you advance to destroy the tunnel. If there are two or more default spawn locations and the other is not being camped, in this situation camped players must pick the other location as they have the ability to evade the camper. Decide not to fall back from a point until killed. It is for the attacking team to ensure they have cleared the point and if re-spawning team mates are killed it is not considered camping, as in this case the attacking team failed to clear the point. There is a time limit of TWO minutes from the point being taken in which you can do this. After this time it does become spawn camping and you MUST move.
  5. Hi Nick, Nice to see you on the site, you should join us in discord sometime 🙂 Nice to meet you.
  6. Changed Status to Inactive Changed Rank to Retired
  7. Community Manager (Field Marshal) Admins Staff The Council (Command) (Officers and appointed Staff) (Colour is based on main role or rank) Chief Human Resources Officer (Staff) HR Personnel (Officer) Chief Diplomatic Officer (Staff) Platoon Commander Senior Officer(Sr. Officer) Officer (Officer) Members
  8. Phantom Rebels now has a Rising Storm 2: Vietnam server up 24/7! This is now to become our main game and focus for the time being of Phantom Rebels.
  9. Welcome to the corp and website Sath 🙂
  10. Our Internal Affairs Department is Phantom Rebels disciplinary system. The system is based on cumulative points. Officers/Staff reaching the demotion point threshold may be demoted at more senior staff members discretion. If your points exceed the demotion threshold, you may be removed from Phantom Rebels. Points given accumulate over time, they also dissipate by one point a month. A member that is 16 years old or younger may not be promoted higher then "Officer". A member that is between 17 and 20 years old may not be promoted higher then "Staff". Admin roles require that you be 21 years or older. Those joining Phantom Rebels may not have more then 2 points logged against them. Removal and Demotion Thresholds Rank Points to Demote Points to Remove Member 5 6 Officer 4 5 Staff 3 4 Admin* 3 4 Our Community Manager is exempt from the points system. The Points Violation Description / Notes Maximum Punishment Abuse of communications Misusing PR communications systems. 2 Points Disrespecting the chain of command Being disrespectful towards any other of any rank. 3 Points Game related bans Bans you receive can result in disciplinary action. Points or Blacklist Violation of rules & established guidelines We reserve the right to issue points or removal for violations not covered by rules or guidelines. Points or Blacklist Blacklists require the approval "signing off" by a Community Manager Signature. Commander-In-Chief - Role in Points, Removals & Blacklisting The Commander-In-Chief of Phantom Rebels is MadMax who is an Admin and Community Manager, as such they reserve the right to remove any individual at any time for any reason from Phantom Rebels. They also have the power to blacklist and issue permanent points that never expire. The CiC has the authority to review any decisions made with regards to rule violations, points given, or a members membership, if the CiC disagrees, it is within their power to reverse a decision, reversals would only take place after a discussion at board level within Phantom Rebels. Once the CiC has gathered all information and opinions from the board, a final decision will be made. This does not mean once you have been issued with points they will be removed or a blacklist rescinded, you should only contact the CiC in such matters where you feel the individual that dealt with you did so unfairly or outside of established protocols. Staff & Admin - Role in Points, Removals & Blacklisting Staff may issue points for violations of rules and guidelines. They can also blacklist and remove individuals from Phantom Rebels if they reach the removal threshold. Blacklist and removal is subject to the HR Department, Admin and/or Council oversight. Two signatures by Staff count as an admin signature, the Admin's can overrule any signings on their behalf. Those who have been blacklisted or removed are discussed as a point of order at daily or weekly council meetings.
  11. MadMax


  12. Diplomatic Department Lead by the Chief Diplomatic Officer. Diplomatic information is considered sensitive and as such only the Community Manager is briefed on matters outside this department, together they decide if to release information to others, brief the council or inform the general membership. This department handles all matters relating to alliances, treaties etc as instructed by the council. Diplomatic Relations Officer A Diplomatic Relations Officer is usually the first point of contact others will have with us over diplomatic matters.
  13. Human Resources Department Lead by the Chief Human Resources Officer, this is the third highest rank. This department is responsible for overseeing all Human Resources matters (Recruiting, Demotions, Promotions, Discipline etc). The CHRO may appoint one deputy, they also appoint their own staff who help run the HR dept. HR Personnel This is the most junior senior role. The HR Personnel role are our recruiters and approve things like inactivity requests etc. They also handle giving out roles on Discord.
  14. Operations Department Lead by a 4 star General, this is the second highest rank. This department is responsible for overseeing all operations (Matches, Training, Platoons etc) General Operations Officer The GOO appoints their own deputies who are responsible for various sub-area's such as Matches, Training or a commander of a platoon, they all report to the GOO who in-turn reports directly to the CiC. Appointment Appointment strictly by the CiC This is a 4 star General Deputies of the Operations Officer will always be Lieutenant General (3 Star). Strategic Operations Officer The GOO can also appoint a Strategic Operations Officer (StratOps) who's job is to come up with strategies for battles. Appointment Appointment strictly by the GOO or CiC This is a Senior Officer position, usually the rank of Major General (2 Star) Requirements 30 days as an Officer Passing an interview and background checks, there may be a probation period. Abilities & Duties Intelligence Gathering - This position may also double as an Intelligence Officer. StratOps may deploy spy's or other assets to gather information. You will be told if you can do this when appointed. Duties Preparing for conflict, this might involve training sessions with members taking part. Liaising with Command & Platoon Commanders Intelligence reporting to command Handling diplomatic incidents until a diplomat is on scene to do so Follow all authenticated orders of The Board, GOO and CiC May be deployed with a platoon when Platoon coordination is needed Platoon Commander A Platoon Commander is responsible for leading squads and platoons into battle.The commanders report to the GOO who in turn reports to the CiC. The GOO or CiC has the authority to step in and take command of a deployment at any time. Appointment Appointment strictly by the GOO or CiC This is a Senior Officer position, usually the rank of Colonel or Major. Passing an interview and background checks, there may be a probation period. Requirements 30 days as an Officer Superior combat skills Must be able to show evidence of past combat, such as video. Ability to lead and direct others Ability to teach others Retain situational awareness and able to plan and adapt in all situations Abilities & Duties Abilities Ability to deploy their platoon for combat, training or matches Ability to create sub-squads Has personal "Command Authority" in the field over their platoon once probation is passed Ability to counter or ignore orders of a StratOps if the result would be against the interests of the commander-in-chief Ability to take back command of their platoon, from a StratOps officer Cannot counter or ignore orders given by the GOO or CiC Cannot overrule commands given by the GOO or CiC Authenticated orders cannot be countered or ignored These orders are acts of The Board and considered authenticated orders Ability to appoint deputy second-in-command within their platoons Ability to appoint squad leaders within each squad Duties To defend Phantom Rebels assets and/or interests To follow kill orders To ensure your platoon is combat ready through training To follow all authenticated orders of The Board, GOO and CiC To follow all orders of a StratOps if required to do so There may be multiple engagements going on within a battle field, they will direct you to where you are most needed in such a situation. When in such battles the StratOps has authority over you, your platoon and it's squad leaders Applies to all ranks below the GOO or CiC Department lead officers that are present in your platoon may assume platoon command if cleared by the GOO or CiC To log and write up an platoon engagements from training and matches To alert Command or your superiors to any situation that might require their attention, if unsure inform the GOO or CiC via Discord and tag them.
  15. The Board (Command) Legislative arm of Phantom Rebels. Implements rules and has the final decision on important matters. Appointment & Voting Admins are automatically members of the board. Staff may be appointed to the board with the right to vote. Officers and members may be appointed to the board as advisers with no voting right. Requirements 30 days or more as a member Council Meetings Must take place on discord voice in the briefing room channel Minutes must be taken and written in the staff forum in a topic per meeting format Member Deployment & Command We may to decide to "invade" another server as a show of force, this may be large groups of -=PR=- members sent to other clan servers, these may be public servers. Members don't have to take part but it can be fun! Members of the council may order the deployment of members / platoons if TWO or more members of the council are in agreement. Does not apply to the Commander-in-Chief MadMax Must be noted in the platoons platoon management The Commander must be notified ASAP. Members of the council may assume command of any force if cleared by the Commander For example the leader of the HR department may be on scene and given command
  16. As a member of Phantom Rebels, and (hopefully) as a decent human being, we should all strive to maintain a certain level of civility both within Phantom Rebels and to other players on-line. To this effect, all member should do what they can to abide by the following guidelines while representing Phantom Rebels. General Conduct Please try to maintain a reasonable level of profanity - No one minds occasional swearing here and there. But make it a point to meter your output in both game chats and Discord. This includes slurs. Remember Phantom Rebels was formed as a family friendly gaming clan, as such we would like to keep it friendly and open to everyone who wishes to join us. Do Not Assume Just because you in particular have no issue with a word it's OK for you to use it. And please don't try to justify it's use. Our team has staffed quite a few game servers and we've heard about every justification for rude or racist behavior. Basically, the harder you have to work to justify the statement, the more wrong you probably are. That and it's just easier to say "my bad" and to not do it again. Phantom Rebels admins or staff are not afraid to step in, so be warned, you will likely not enjoy how they handle it. Avoid Antagonistic Behavior We doubt many people signed up to Phantom Rebels to be harassed about their perceived level of skill or even their personal attributes or beliefs. Avoid sarcasm With people you do not know - Sarcasm is notoriously difficult to detect in written communication unless you know the person. Even in Discord, people forget that upwards of 80% of communication is handled via facial expressions and body language. These do not exist in either game chat or Discord. If a comment you made is taken out of context, you'd be better off apologizing and letting it drop than trying to explain why it was funny or needed to be taken within context. Note: Game chat and Discord chat are not avenues for personal disagreements. We recommend you handle it in a private chat because if a spat is held in public, a Phantom Rebels admin or staff will handle it and you won't likely enjoy how he/she does so. In-Game Chat Please keep non-Phantom Rebels related chat to a minimum. If you find yourself "talking over" someone asking a game or Phantom Rebels related question, you'd do well to step back and let that conversation finish up before resuming your unrelated conversation. Basically, don't act like a jerk-ass and keep the spam to a minimum and you'll be fine. Discord "The Bar" - Anything goes in here with respect to the general code of conduct. However, Phantom Rebels or in-game related discussion has priority. If you find the focus of the Bar has switched to something else, move yourself and your conversation partner to another room or request, nicely, for the game or Phantom Rebels related chat to be taken to another room. But do not try to talk over member discussing game related issues to discuss how your night at the bar went. Any other room will be used for whatever purpose the original joiners needed it for. Do not enter room and try to derail the discussion. Really, that's about it. If you have an issue, you know who the admins and staff are. Talk to them in private if you have issue and we will do everything to work it out. Report abusive behavior immediately. Originally written Fenix Rewritten by MadMax
  17. A note from MadMax.... Phantom Rebels was founded back in 2004 by myself. There have been circumstances over the years where individual members have been found to cause issues or disrupt the community, as such I have written a few things below, they should not to be taken as gospel, but can be referred to at any time by staff and enforced to whatever degree is needed as determined by those enforcing said rule. These are never a complete set of rules as we may find things we wish to add over-time, it is up-to members to ensure they are up-to-date on rules and we will do our best to ensure sudden rule changes are made aware to members. We reserve the right to add, amend, remove or suspend any rule(s) at any time, this clause is here to allow the Admins & Staff to be flexible and manage the community effectively. These rules apply to all Phantom Rebels Members, Officers Directors, Board Members, Admins & staff. These rules work in accordance with the strike system Phantom Rebels Rules If you plan on leaving Phantom Rebels we kindly ask that you tell a staff member why, as if this is due to something that can be changed we will do everything in our power to do so. If you make no contact with a Phantom Rebels member for over a month you may be removed from Phantom Rebels. You may be removed for breaking this but can return at any time. While playing under the Phantom Rebels name we kindly ask that you are present in a Discord voice channel when possible. We understand there are times where this is not possible, but being in a voice chat shows activity within the community and encourages others to engage and that community feel is what we are all here for. Whilst under the Phantom Rebels name you are representing Phantom Rebels and must behave appropriately. This means but not limited to: not being abusive, racist, harassing others, using slurs or spamming chat channels Doing anything else staff find disruptive to the community. Follow other communities server rules when playing in other game servers under the Phantom Rebels name. Other clans who feel our members have broken this please contact us here Being abusive will not be tolerated. Will result in disciplinary action / points or removal from Phantom Rebels. As we have allow members of all ages it's important to remember who is in the channel with you while on Discord. We provide a dedicated Discord voice channel (The Bar) that swearing is allowed in, while not in that channel please watch what you say while in front of our younger members if they are in or join the channel with you. You may be moved to "The Bar" if found using excessive language in front of younger members. This rule can is fully relaxed at times and is solely at a staff members discretion if present. A more senior staff member can reinstate this rule without needing a reason. The use of cheats, hacking or bots will not be tolerated. You will be banned and may be reported if found doing so. If in a voice channel and instructed by a staff member to "clear comms" that means to pause speaking immediately, failure may lead to removal from the channel. Rarely used but there are times staff need to be heard without any interruption or others stepping in. Phantom Rebels members may request new rules and they will be considered by the Phantom Rebels leaders, Please post your request in the members forum on the site. MOST IMPORTANT RULE - IS TO HAVE FUN!!
  18. The server rules listed below apply to everyone, including Phantom Rebels Members. For members, these work in addition to the Phantom Rebels rules and the points system. Failure to comply with server rules will result in penalties or worse. Contacting the server admin If you have an issue on a Phantom Rebels server, whatever it may be, please contact an Admin. You can also contact us via the forums, website or at [email protected] Subject to review by a Community Manager, it is for the on duty staff / admin to judge in his or her own discretion whether a player is in breach of any listed rules. Admins reserve the right to remove / ban anyone. All admin actions are logged. Cheating, Hacking, Botting No cheating of any kind will be tolerated. Penalty: Immediate Permanent Ban Obscenities Foul language and trash talk is allowed, but only to a certain extent. The amount of foul language and trash that will be permitted at any given time will be decided by the attending server admin. Usually we take a "most things go" approach, however an admin can AT ANY TIME shut trash talk down, in such situations one warning will usually be given. Penalty: Removal from the game Racism / Sexism Racist and sexist language is not permitted Some games such as Rising Storm 2 are exceptions to this, racist language may be used as it is part of the game community and such things said are intended to enhance the game rather then be offensive. Penalty: 1st Offence = Warning | 2nd= Removal & possible ban Spawn Camping Spawn camping is allowed. We cannot kick or ban every person that spawn camps. We dislike spawn camping, but please do not complain about it. Penalty: Up to the server admin. Warnings or removal could be expected for severe camping Spamming Do not spam votes or in-game chat Penalty: 1st Offence = Warning | 2nd = Removal & possible ban Team Kills On servers with friendly fire enabled, excessive team killing is not permitted. The server may kick you off automatically, but if you return and continue to excessively team kill, Phantom Rebels may ban you. If you feel like screwing around and team killing, do it on your own server please. Penalty: Possible Automatic Removal. 1st Offence = Warning | 2nd = Removal and/or ban Exclusivity Do not come in and represent yourself to be an admin or a -=PR=- Member, nor act like you can control our servers. Server admins are in charge; you are not. Even if in your opinion Phantom Rebels is doing something wrong, it is not your problem, you are not paying for Phantom Rebels servers; it is not your server. Phantom Rebels does not mind people helping out, but do not try to take over. Penalty: 1st Offence = Warning | 2nd = Removal and/or ban General Have fun. Just play the game, and do not make things complicated for everyone. Consent Participation on a Phantom Rebels server is a privilege, not a right. By joining a Phantom Rebels server you provide Phantom Rebels an ip address for play and agree to fully comply with the terms for player participation. You understand, consent and acknowledge that Phantom Rebels may investigate any cheating allegation or hacking complaint lodged against you. You understand, agree and acknowledge that Phantom Rebels may take video demos; Phantom Rebels may preliminary kick you from the server; Phantom Rebels may place a temporary ban while the cheating allegation or hacking complaint is fully reviewed and/or put to a Phantom Rebels Clan majority vote. Respect Do not be disrespectful to any Phantom Rebels Members, Admins, Staff or anyone under the Phantom Rebels name. If you are disrespectful to an Admin or a Member (even if you are a Member), you may be slapped, muted, kicked, banned or subjected to other punishments such as court martial through to blacklisting. Racism/Sexism Racism/Sexism is intended to prohibit sexism, racial and ethnic discrimination, the use of offensive keywords as player names, or the use of derogatory language to discriminate, disparage, or incite others to discriminate or disparage against a class or group of people, whether because of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, infirmity, social status, or ethnicity. Further, the general rule shall extend to discrimination or disparagement on the basis of association of parties. Subject to review, it is for the on duty admin to judge in his or her own discretion whether a player is in breach of this rule
  19. Member of the Board. Has voting rights.
  20. Changed Status to Active Changed Rank to Director
  21. Hey, Welcome to the corporation 🙂
  22. As you can see Phantom Rebels has a brand new community site that is live here now. As this is brand new I took the decision to start it from scratch and copied over very limited select posts from the old website. If you notice any issues with the site please let me know either by replying or private message.
  23. Phantom Rebels Discord Information Phantom Rebels uses Discord which is free software that has chat and voice channels. You can download Discord here. Please click this link to join our Discord server - https://discord.gg/R8wt7Rx
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