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    1. Hey mate, sounds great. To apply just fill out the following formular: https://www.phantomrebels.com/departments/human-resources/member-apps/apply-here/?do=form&d=4 Best Regards Fliss
    2. No, ur application video has to be a statement how far u can go. If its impressive, u re allowed join our handgrenade suicide trainings platoon.
    3. Uhh nice, some reeinforcements on the german speaking side. Schön dich kennenzulernen und ich hoffe, wir sehen uns im Schützengraben
    4. Jaa ich komme aus Rostock in MV, also von der gegenüberliegenden Seite Nach 3 Tagen schaltet das ein Admin frei. Du bekommst dann eine Nachricht über die Website. LG
    5. Moin, ich bin Flissto, die meisten von uns sind zwar Europäer, aber es gibt nur eine handvoll Deutsche. Woher kommst du, wenn ich fragen darf? Ach und wenn du Fragen hast, sag einfach Bescheid! Grüße aus dem Norden
    6. To apply u must do an insane suicide kill! Pls send the video material to the bureau of the suicide pilots.
    7. We were training for our pilot suicide squad xD No RPG needed
    8. Heyo,

      i know most of the time im playing RS2 Vietnam on our servers, but sometimes i do play some other shooter. So hit me up, if u wanna play with me some:
      - Hell let loose
      - Squad
      - Post Scriptum
      - Verdun
      - Insurgency Sandstorm
      - Battlefield V
      - .. (many other tactical shooter games, check it out on Steam)
      So lets squad up, join the army and rock the battlefield
      Over and Out! o7

    9. Heyo Echo, i think we met each other in the server lately. Im happy to see ya here and i hope we will meet us again on the server or in a discord channel Welcome buddy!
    10. Thats me, and i have to add im a bartender in RL, so if you want some information about a cool drink, just ask tho .. there's a voice channel in the member area on discord, i hope we 'll meet us there !!


    11. Hey buddy, if u see me online in HLL, just message me. Lets have some fun then!
    12. Heya, i been a while since i joined PR, so its a shame i didnt introduced myself earlier. Im Flissto (shorter Fliss) and a 20 yo student from Germany. Im a boyscout and Flissto is my scout nickname, so thats were's my name from. I really like to play (Hardcore)-shooter, and some strategic games. Im pretty interested in history, especially in 20th century. Atm im studying at a university and want to become a teacher (maths and IT) in future. I really enjoy to play with u guys!! Love ya all
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