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    1. Thx Max, it was the first time I ever got kicked so it was a new thing and I didnt even know what to do or If it meant being banned, if it happens again (I hope not) I'll contact trough Discord
    2. thx for the help mate, no it wasn't even because of the mic, I was a rifleman with my mic closed, thats why it seemed so random to me since I didnt even have time to anything subsceptible to be considered "toxic" xD.
    3. So the thing is I just spawned in the game(PR2-Long campaign, in cu-viet if i remember correctly), took a stranded rpg rocket to the ass(that made me laugh for a while), and after re-spawning and killing a few guys I got kicked for "toxic behaviour". Mind me, it was all in about 2 to 3 mins of entering the server, so I dont know which behaviour was it other than shooting a few bullets and dying to a random rpg rocket. The thing is, I've been unable to join the server ever since, does it have something to do with the kick? Is it some kind of temporal "ban"? Can provide my in-game nickname if needed. Thx a lot to anyone who reads and/or answers.
    4. After a few months of playing on your campaign sever, I decided to join the forum, just to get an insight of whats going on here Happy to be here and wish you all good games!
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