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  • Rank Structure

    1. Community Manager (Field Marshal [5*])
      • Admins
        • Staff
          • Moderator
    2. General Operations Officer (General [4*])
      • Deputy Operations Officer (Lieutenant General [3*])
        • Strategic Operations Officer (Major General [2*])
          • Training Deputy  (Major General [2*])
            • Training Officer (Colonel [1*])
              • Platoon Commander (Colonel [1*])
                • Senior Officer(Platoon 2IC)
                  • Officer (Officer)
                    • Members (Private)
    3. Chief Human Resources Officer (Lieutenant General [3*])
      • HR Personnel (Officer/Snr. Officer)
    4. Chief Diplomatic Officer (Lieutenant General [3*])
      • Diplomatic Relations Officer (Officer/Snr. Officer)
    5. Chief Financial Officer (Lieutenant General [3*])
      • Treasury Personnel (Officer/Snr. Officer)



    All Officers that are above the 3* rank are automatically members of the Command Board.

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