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    A note from MadMax....

    Phantom Rebels was founded back in 2004 by myself.

    There have been circumstances over the years where individual members have been found to cause issues or disrupt the community, as such I have written a few things below, they should not to be taken as gospel, but can be referred to at any time by staff and enforced to whatever degree is needed as determined by those enforcing said rule.

    These are never a complete set of rules as we may find things we wish to add over-time, it is up-to members to ensure they are up-to-date on rules and we will do our best to ensure sudden rule changes are made aware to members.

    We reserve the right to add, amend, remove or suspend any rule(s) at any time, this clause is here to allow the Admins & Staff to be flexible and manage the community effectively.

    These rules apply to all Phantom Rebels Members, Officers Directors, Board Members, Admins & staff. These rules work in accordance with the strike system

    Phantom Rebels Rules

    1. If you plan on leaving Phantom Rebels we kindly ask that you tell a staff member why, as if this is due to something that can be changed we will do everything in our power to do so.
    2. If you make no contact with a Phantom Rebels member for over a month you may be removed from Phantom Rebels. 
    3. If you remove your tags or leave the discord server you may be considered to have left the community.
    4. While playing under the Phantom Rebels name we kindly ask that you are present in a Discord voice channel when possible.
      • We understand there are times where this is not possible, but being in a voice chat shows activity within the community and encourages others to engage and that community feel is what we are all here for.
    5. Whilst under the Phantom Rebels name you are representing Phantom Rebels and must behave appropriately.
      • This means but not limited to: not being abusive, racist, harassing others, using slurs or spamming chat channels
        • Doing anything else staff find disruptive to the community.
    6. Follow other communities server rules when playing in other game servers under the Phantom Rebels name.
    7. Being abusive will not be tolerated.
      • Will result in disciplinary action / points or removal from Phantom Rebels.
    8. As we have allow members of all ages it's important to remember who is in the channel with you while on Discord.
      • We provide a dedicated Discord voice channel (The Bar) that swearing is allowed in, while not in that channel please watch what you say while in front of our younger members if they are in or join the channel with you.
        • You may be moved to "The Bar" if found using excessive language in front of younger members.
      • This rule can is fully relaxed at times and is solely at a staff members discretion if present.
      • A more senior staff member can reinstate this rule without needing a reason.
    9. The use of cheats, hacking or bots will not be tolerated. You will be banned and may be reported if found doing so.
    10. If in a voice channel and instructed by a staff member to "clear comms" that means to pause speaking immediately, failure may lead to removal from the channel.
      • Rarely used but there are times staff need to be heard without any interruption or others stepping in.
    11. To prevent conflict of interest, members may not be part of other clans or communities that are hosting the same games/servers as Phantom Rebels.
      • You may play with friends in other clans or groups, as long as this does not conflict with our interest in maintaining a strong clan community around Phantom Rebels games and servers.
        • The mod and staff team are who determines if they feel you are in conflict with this rule.
          • If we feel a conflict of interest has happened, you may be invited to discuss this,  asked/told to leave or membership terminated.
      • This rule covers where Members take up roles in other communities such as admins, even if on other games.
      • This rule covers you being a Member of another community where that community has servers in our main game, even if you do not play on those servers.

    Phantom Rebels members may request new rules and they will be considered by the Phantom Rebels leaders, Please post your request in the members forum on the site.


    Updated 28th April 2021 to clarify rule 10 further.

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