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    Our Internal Affairs Department is Phantom Rebels disciplinary system.

    The system is based on cumulative points.

    • Officers/Staff reaching the demotion point threshold may be demoted at more senior staff members discretion.
    • If your points exceed the demotion threshold, you may be removed from Phantom Rebels.
    • Points given accumulate over time, they also dissipate by one point a month.
    • A member that is 16 years old or younger may not be promoted higher then "Officer".
      • A member that is between 17 and 20 years old may not be promoted higher then "Staff".
      • Admin roles require that you be 21 years or older.

    Those joining Phantom Rebels may not have more then 2 points logged against them.

    Removal and Demotion Thresholds

    Rank Points to Demote Points to Remove
    Member 5 6
    Officer 4 5
    Staff 3 4
    Admin* 3 4

    Our Community Manager is exempt from the points system.

    The Points

    Violation Description / Notes Maximum Punishment
    Abuse of communications
    • Misusing PR communications systems.
    2 Points
    Disrespecting the chain of command
    • Being disrespectful towards any other of any rank.

    3 Points

    Game related bans Bans you receive can result in disciplinary action. Points or Blacklist
    Violation of rules & established guidelines We reserve the right to issue points or removal for violations not covered by rules or guidelines.

    Points or Blacklist

    Blacklists require the approval "signing off" by a Community Manager Signature.


    Commander-In-Chief - Role in Points, Removals & Blacklisting

    The Commander-In-Chief of Phantom Rebels is MadMax who is an Admin and Community Manager, as such they reserve the right to remove any individual at any time for any reason from Phantom Rebels or its services. They also have the power to blacklist and issue permanent points that never expire.

    The CiC has the authority to review any decisions made with regards to rule violations, points given, or a members membership, if the CiC disagrees, it is within their power to reverse a decision, reversals would only take place after a discussion at board level within Phantom Rebels.

    Once the CiC has gathered all information and opinions from the board, a final decision will be made. This does not mean once you have been issued with points they will be removed or a blacklist rescinded, you should only contact the CiC in such matters where you feel the individual that dealt with you did so unfairly or outside of established protocols.


    Staff & Admin - Role in Points, Removals & Blacklisting

    Staff may issue points for violations of rules and guidelines. They can also blacklist and remove individuals from Phantom Rebels if they reach the removal threshold.

    Blacklist and removal is subject to the HR Department, Admin and/or Council oversight. Two signatures by Staff count as an admin signature, the Admin's can overrule any signings on their behalf.

    Those who have been blacklisted or removed are discussed as a point of order at daily or weekly council meetings.

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