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    This system was setup in 2005 and still retained to this very day as a bit of fun and keep people guessing who killed who. Also a great tactic to throw enemy concentration for a moment in battle if they are focused on working out kill feed names etc.

    For official sanctioned matches (Matches arranged by a Match Officer or MadMax) we authorize the use of our battle tag nickname system.

    Tags will usually be a 3 letter shortened version of your name (with the exception of our Commander MadMax who is 4).

    For Steam players:

    • So my own battle tag is =MDMX=
    • Jock would be =JCK=
    • Titan would be =TTN=
    • ThatSwede would be =TSE=

    For Epic players:

    • -MDMX-
    • -JCK-
    • -TTN-
    • -TS-

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