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  • Zero Tolerance Areas


    We have a "Zero Tolerance" policy for the below.

    These will result in immediate and permanent blacklist and banishment from our servers, discord and Phantom Rebels.

    • Racial slurs or racist behaviour directed at anyone
    • Cheating / Exploiting (abusing game mechanics even if known about to the developers is not allowed here)
    • Clear breaches of a games Terms of Service, we report these as seen
    • Name calling, bullying or singling a player or member out, this includes associating people with certain terms such as "Karens"
    • Anything that could be interpreted as abusive behaviour
    • Swearing or derogatory terms directed at players, members or staff
      • Swearing at a staff member will end any conversation and result in an immediate ban and removal
    • Any kind of behaviour deemed unacceptable that is directed at the LGBT+ community, our servers are inclusive of everyone
    • Any kind of behaviour deemed unacceptable that is directed at members under 16

    We will take action to protect our community from anything that may harm it, even things not listed here. Admins have a lot of freewill in dealing with incidents and a large toolset to draw from.

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