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  • Help! I have been banned


    Ban Appeal Procedure

    Banned players may always be appealed, even if it is noted within the ban "may not appeal" within the ban.

    You MUST take your appeal up with the banning admin/staff or moderator, if they make a decision after you have spoken to them you do not agree with you may ask for someone senior to review your ban, attempting to jump this will result in the ban automatically being kept active, and the appeal process must start again.

    1. File a ban appeal via here
    2. Wait for admin/staff/mod to respond, this may take up to 24 hours.
      If after this period you receive no reply you may reach out to the admin/staff/mod within Discord.
    3. Receive a decision on your appeal
    4. If you disagree with the decision you may reply within 48 hours to the appeal topic and ask for a senior team member to review the ban.

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