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    • General Server Rules


      The server rules listed below apply to everyone, including Phantom Rebels Members.

      For members, these work in addition to the Phantom Rebels rules and the points system.
      Failure to comply with server rules will result in penalties or worse.

      Contacting the server admin
      If you have an issue on a Phantom Rebels server, whatever it may be, please contact an Admin.
      You can also contact us via the forums, website or at [email protected]

      Subject to review by a Community Manager, it is for the on duty staff / admin to judge in his or her own discretion whether a player is in breach of any listed rules. Admins reserve the right to remove / ban anyone. All admin actions are logged.

      • Cheating, Hacking, Exploiting or Botting
        • No cheating of any kind will be tolerated.
        • Penalty: Immediate Permanent Ban
      • Obscenities
        • Foul language and trash talk is allowed, but only to a certain extent.
        • The amount of foul language and trash that will be permitted at any given time will be decided by the attending server admin.
          • Usually we take a "most things go" approach, however an admin can AT ANY TIME shut trash talk down, in such situations one warning will usually be given.
        • Penalty: Removal from the game
      • Racism / Sexism
        • Racist and sexist language is not permitted
          • Some games such as Rising Storm 2 are exceptions to this, racist language may be used as it is part of the game community and such things said are intended to enhance the game rather then be offensive.
            If your communication falls into this is up-to the attending server admin to decide.
        • Penalty: 1st Offence = Warning | 2nd= Removal & possible ban
      • Spawn Camping
        • Spawn camping is allowed. We cannot kick or ban every person that spawn camps.
        • We dislike spawn camping, but please do not complain about it.
        • Penalty: Up to the server admin. Warnings or removal could be expected for severe camping
      • Spamming
        • Do not spam votes or in-game chat
        • Penalty: 1st Offence = Warning | 2nd = Removal & possible ban
      • Team Kills
        • On servers with friendly fire enabled, excessive team killing is not permitted.
        • The server may kick you off automatically, but if you return and continue to excessively team kill, Phantom Rebels may ban you. If you feel like screwing around and team killing, do it on your own server please.
        • Penalty: Possible Automatic Removal. 1st Offence = Warning | 2nd = Removal and/or ban

      Do not come in and represent yourself to be an admin or a -=PR=- Member, nor act like you can control our servers. Server admins are in charge; you are not. Even if in your opinion Phantom Rebels is doing something wrong, it is not your problem, you are not paying for Phantom Rebels servers; it is not your server.
      Phantom Rebels does not mind people helping out, but do not try to take over.
      Penalty: 1st Offence = Warning | 2nd = Removal and/or ban

      Have fun. Just play the game, and do not make things complicated for everyone.

      Participation on a Phantom Rebels server is a privilege, not a right.

      By joining a Phantom Rebels server you provide Phantom Rebels an ip address for play and agree to fully comply with the terms for player participation.

      You understand, consent and acknowledge that Phantom Rebels may investigate any cheating allegation or hacking complaint lodged against you.

      You understand, agree and acknowledge that Phantom Rebels may take video demos; Phantom Rebels may preliminary kick you from the server; Phantom Rebels may place a temporary ban while the cheating allegation or hacking complaint is fully reviewed and/or put to a Phantom Rebels Clan majority vote.

      Do not be disrespectful to any Phantom Rebels Members, Admins, Staff or anyone under the Phantom Rebels name.

      If you are disrespectful to an Admin or a Member (even if you are a Member), you may be slapped, muted, kicked, banned or subjected to other punishments such as court martial through to blacklisting.

      Racism/Sexism is intended to prohibit sexism, racial and ethnic discrimination, the use of offensive keywords as player names, or the use of derogatory language to discriminate, disparage, or incite others to discriminate or disparage against a class or group of people, whether because of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, infirmity, social status, or ethnicity.

      Further, the general rule shall extend to discrimination or disparagement on the basis of association of parties.

      Subject to review, it is for the on duty admin to judge in his or her own discretion whether a player is in breach of this rule

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