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  • The Council (Command)


    The Board (Command)

    Legislative arm of Phantom Rebels. Implements rules and has the final decision on important matters.

    Appointment & Voting

    • All Managers are automatically given board membership.
    • Admins are automatically members of the board.
    • Staff may be appointed to the board with the right to vote.
    • Senior Members and members may be appointed to the board as advisers with no voting right.


    • 90 days or more as a member

    Council Meetings

    • Must take place on discord voice in the briefing room channel
    • Minutes must be taken and written in the staff forum in a topic per meeting format

    Member Deployment & Command

    We may to decide to "invade" another server as a show of force, this may be large groups of -=PR=- members sent to other clan servers, these may be public servers. Members don't have to take part but it can be fun!

    • Members of the council may order the deployment of members / platoons if TWO or more members of the council are in agreement.
      • Does not apply to the Commander-in-Chief MadMax
      • Must be noted in the platoons platoon management
      • The Commander must be notified ASAP.
    • Members of the council may assume command of any force if cleared by the Commander
      • For example the leader of the HR department may be on scene and given command


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