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Lets expand the variety of games on PR


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Phantom Rebels has been focusing on Rising Storm 2 thanks to MadMax and the dedicated server, he brought all of us closer spending hours and hours playing games together and raging on all sort of stupid things happening on the server.

I would like to play more games with the members of PR and in order to do that id like to know which games you guys play except RS2 (Any game with multiplayer or  Co-op, doesnt have to be with dedicated servers)

I play Battlefield (any of them), Counter - Strike, Halo, CoD, World war Z and many more.. so if there is a game you guys love playing and would like to play together just name it and if I own the game i'd love to hop on and join.


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We have daily meetings discussing servers, games, expanding, members and etc...  While we are settings our roots in RS2 we do encourage members to play all sorts of games and I for one would love to have some PR's to play with. I own over 700 titles all different variants of game play.


I have Battlefield ( newb ranked on pc ), I have Halo and we are setting up halo stuff as well on PR discord. Warzone, CoD, a few free based shooters which are amazing. I am always opened to buying more games if it means playing with fellow PR


Keep tossing idea's up and we will review and see where we are within our PR deployments to look at other things. As well nice to meet you and look forward to seeing you on the battlefield.

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