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  • Spawn Camping Guidelines


    Spawn Camping Guidelines

    Spawn camping is allowed, excessive camping is not.

    Example of camping that is not excessive:

    • You are passing a tunnel without destroying it but kill an enemy on it to pass by.
      • Obviously if you are seen repeatedly at a tunnel you cross into being an excessive camper.

    You may not:

    1. Watch a squad tunnel and kill enemies as they spawn.
    2. Be in a position that allows you to lock down / camp a default spawn on a map
    3. Ignore server admins, staff or mods
      • If asked to move this is considered a warning, failure to move will likely result in kick or session ban.

    You may:

    1. Kill enemies on a squad tunnel as you advance to destroy the tunnel.
    2. Kill enemies spawning on a US squad leader.
      1. This is not camping as they are spawning on someone who can advise them there is enemies in the area or that they are under fire.
        1. You still may not camp a static Vietnamese tunnel.
    3. If there are two or more default spawn locations and the other is not being camped, in this situation camped players must pick the other location as they have the ability to evade the camper.
    4. Decide not to fall back from a point until killed. It is for the attacking team to ensure they have cleared the point and if re-spawning team mates are killed it is not considered camping, as in this case the attacking team failed to clear the point.
      • There is a time limit of TWO minutes from the point being taken in which you can do this.
        • After this time it does become spawn camping and you MUST move.

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