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  • Member Only Meeting - 09/08/2020


    Member Meeting 09/08/2020

    These are the notes from the member meeting, they do not show the status on items just what was discussed.

    Game suggestions

    Hell let loose:
    Filmjölk and Scotty had a nice meeting with some HLL Clans
    A new server is not necessary, we had one in the past, didnt worked well

    The idea is to stick to other clans to make our Clan-tag more public

    Squad: may not be the type of player we are looking for


    Azele would like to create a small group and Titan is interested

    VR Chat is free on steam and does not need actual VR equipment to play. While this is in a developmental stage for non VR users. It does allow for players to interact. It is mostly just talking though.


    Website, Clan and Organization

    New Recruitment system:

    it’s a bit unstructured right now

    Make new members feel more welcome

    Code of Conduct (look at Clan appearance)

    PR Tag in front of the name, be nice and ask them nicely to join (after the round), or something → The way we want to get new members 

    In need of a recruitment guy?



    There will be more training events in the platoons

    Tournaments between Squads/Platoons

    Specialforces platoon -  best squad of the month (members may change every month)

    If you’re active, on voice, help seeding, etc you will get a reputation


    Clan appearance

    Members code of conduct with reference to voice chat and in game behaviour

    More ways of getting feedback to the management team (Staff)

    Write up a set of rules for discord with reference to racism etc.


    Make members and new members feel more welcome

    Post it as well on discord so more people can read it.



    Anonymous reporting area for members who wish to remain anonymous

    Streamer area on the website

    Specific game tags etc. reference to discord bot (Might interfere with Website Bot)


    Movie night




    Adding a new text channel for people to ask everyone if they would like to 

    play a  specific game with them. Like asking for a full tarkov grupp to play with or play competitive games as cs go or league of legends.

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