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90 fps Cap on the servers

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Hey Guys, 

New PR member here, loving the community so far. 


One question, why have the servers capped the fps to 90? 


I logged in today and thought my GPU was acting up, uninstalled drivers and my overclocking software etc, took about 2 hours to find out that the servers were capped at 90, selflol. 


Can we possibly have the uncapped fps back please????

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Hi guys, create an account just to say this, I really like your servers but they are actually capped at 90fps, all other servers I can run up to my 240fps monitor refreshrate, but only on PR servers is it capped at 90. Believe me its the case and there will be a reason. Please look into it, it definitely is affecting everyone people just don't notice as they likely don't look.


Sadly having to avoid playing on your servers despite them having some of the best pings available and generally liking them, because the drop from 240fps to 90 is a major issue for me. There is no way its just randomly the case for me and this other guy, can someone please test it atleast?

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We have looked into this and short of us wiping the servers and seeing if that fixes it I cannot see a fix for this. 90fps should be fine to play with.

Not much else I can do as we're not prepared to wipe and reinstall the servers.


Founder & Community Manager (Team Lead)
Phantom Rebels Gaming Community

[email protected]

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