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campaign server re-mapping

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hey folks,

Bin playing on other severs more then PR, bec frankly they are boring. US wins 80% of the time and steamrolls. Also map layout is unfair. VC needs to attack Saigon region with saigon and the other one, both hard maps, but USA can breeze over apache snow.

my suggestion would be, the old 'black april' map for saigon and Operation spearhead redux with nice bottleneck at D.

Both maps are running on =}H{=hardcore gaming

Other maps are old, but needed for seeding i know, but some new maps would be a nice change on the server.


Best regards


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I will look at that and have recently added the submarine base map to the server. The sad part is that customs empty the server faster at night so we have to be careful what we add.


Current state of campaign:



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