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New policy regarding voice chat


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Going forward from recent events taking place on voice chat, new policy is now in place.
This applies to in-game voice too as some comments on there have almost been personal attacks and will stop immediately.

Going forward yelling random comments at people is going to likely get you kicked from voice.

Where people are joining a channel and yelling f you or penis or anything like that will no longer be allowed. This includes in conversation where people are telling others f you or anything along those lines.

Even if you are being sarcastic or joking it can be hard to tell and taken out of context.

Our game channels are public and general messing around and having a laugh is fine. What is especially important is how people are greeted when they join the channel, this will be heavily moderated from now on.

Those yelling unfriendly or random words will be disconnected from voice without any warnings given.
Repeat offenders will lose voice access entirely. This policy is in full effect as of now.


Founder & Community Manager (Team Lead)
Phantom Rebels Gaming Community

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