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Well maby it wasnt nice to shoot you 5 times in the ass, and thats consinderd spawnkilling i geuss.

But if a chopper kills a tunnel with fresh spawned players is normal,

if napalm hits vc commander with rapid deploy lucky?

if mark is behind objectief and close to tunnels again normal.

but oh dear if no one shoots a enemy player whille objectief is taken, to be fair its the player fault for not knowing the gun sounds from game. Or having no recon after point is taken.

Flanking is part of RS2 and pulling that off is the fun. LINK your were laying on watertower as US soldier on chucie map whille F was not taken, and then is was 7 vs 8 people.

Madmax did shoot you off with arty, and thats normale i geuss. Even if rules did say less then 10vs10 no support.

You lot bending the rules. But thats normale i geuss ...



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From what I understand you were vote kicked by your team and no admin or clan member had input into that decision.

Team vote kicks are hard to work out sometimes so i would not take it personally. A vote kick usually bans until the map changes, although I did lift your ban immediately as i do with most.

From what I was told you had been asked to stop camping spawning players several times and continued, logging shows it was a non-member that initiated the vote kick. We had no input into that other then requesting you to stop camping over voice.

As far as me using arty on the water tower, that had to be done due to a squad leader up there at that particular moment and that was the only way of getting them off so that is very rare.

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thx max, didnt know it was own team

Well i shot niku few times but he doesnt seems to know witch direction shot came from, so map awerness.

i tought some would hunt me, but hey didnt .. kinda strange for letting that happen.

im kinda sad i didnt use my pickaxe ? next time i will.



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