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RS 2 Vietnam Supremacy mode server


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Hello everyone. Last time i played Vietnam in early 2019 and after almost 5 years i'm back. My nickname was PublicAgent or Agent43. A lot has changed since then: no more clans like 40-1, tournaments and events, like we played RU vs EU team. But what surprised me most was that there are no playable servers in supremacy mode. Yes, this mode is more difficult, but more interesting and large-scale. Moreover, when the game is already more than 5 years old (or almost 6, if you include the alpha test), everyone (or almost everyone) knows how to dig a tunnel, revive on the commander for the northern side, and etc. Has this mode really become so unpopular lately? After all, here there is everything that was in the real Vietnam: jungles, villages, rice fields, helicopters and etc. It would be great to add one server with this mode and rotation of all maps, even including Hue City SU 😄 

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Supremacy mode servers are a no go for us, we have hard enough time populating the TE ones at times. If servers such as mega did not exist it might be possible, but the player population is just not there.


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We talked today with boys at HELI MAPS ONLY Server. There is an opinion that Hill 937 is really overplayed. Would be really nice add these maps to there and it will rotate like TE-SU map. Now its Hill 937 every second map, its quite really annoying. And of course on SU maps more helicopters than other maps.

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