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Members you are invited to a Member Fun Match on the 30th!


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Come one, come all!

You are cordially invited to the first ever Phantom Rebels community day! On the 30th of this month during custom hour, we’ll be opening a special private server for you! Yes you! For a full session of RS2 matches of your choice as a reward for all your hard work working the rice fields and fueling our propaganda factories!

All you need to do is let us know if you're interested and you'll receive a golden ticket to the server in the form of a password.
There are limited places, as we can’t afford to let you all have too much fun at once without damaging our means of production, so let us know soon via the Member Calendar here !!!

We’re also running a vote on what maps you want to play which you can access here:

make the most of it though, because it's the only vote we will ever let you have a say on!!!


Lots of love,
Phantom Rebels

There's a shiny prize for the best player, and those that attend may even get an invitation to the first PR wedding, which is coming to you this spring (date to be announced.)


Founder & Community Manager (Team Lead)
Phantom Rebels Gaming Community

[email protected]

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