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Heya folks


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Hey hey people, Boye here. I realized I never actually did one of these, so here goes. I bounce around from game to game, but I usually always drift back to Rising Storm. You'll probably see me as TheBoye45, and I like to consider myself a pretty social guy. Right now however, I'm dealing with a brand new puppy and the onset of my college season, so if you do see me on, you might wanna get a lottery ticket. Feel free to DM me however!

Now for some Boye trivia:
I live in snow hell, otherwise known as the Northeast US
I am 6'9" (Nice)
I can speak German (Decently enough) and Russian (fluent)
More Boye trivia is available on request!

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Welcome TheBoye45,


 Glad to see you joined up and represent the tag. Dam son 6'9 you tall as hell.  We need to put that russian talk to use while on RS2. Would be funny as hell.


 Welcome aboard and hope to see you in the server.

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