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    Hey everyone


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    Hello everyone, just a newish player to RS2 looking for people to play the game with!

     About me:


    Currently lvl 50, always looking for tips on how to improve!

    I play mainly FPS games on all platforms but I do play mmorpgs from time to time. Not really sure what to put here other than I hope I can make some new friends on RS2! 

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    Welcome Boppers!

     I am glad you came aboard and loooking forward to playing with you as well. We are a wholesome community always looking for new friends to join us. A lot of us play a variety of different games and as such I am sure you can always find people to game with. While PR is mainly focusing on RS2 currently we do from time to time form groups to play other games. What are some games you like to play? I see you put FPS and some MMORPG. What FPS games are you currently into? Anything exciting?


    Make sure to put in a application for membership as there are special perks with that and join us on the discord!


    Looking forward to speaking with you more!

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    Heya Boppers!

    First off, welcome! Always cool to see a new player. I was hopping to actually drag in one of my friends who got the game literally today, so if you'd like, you're welcome to tag along with us. However a great way to find new people is to join the discord, as MadMax is in the VC quite a bit. 

    Have a blast of a time man!



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