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Hello from Israel


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Don't think i've had the chance to introduce myself.
My name is Ron (short for Ronald) Kuttner, Im 21 Y,O I live in Israel in a city called Netanya, I was born in the UK in a lovely small city called Felixstowe.
I've been a member on PR since 2013-2014(ish) back on battlefield 3.
Recently I finished my 3 years service in the IDF - NAVY as Commander for advanced technicians on our War ships.
I'm interested in the medical world and I am chasing my dream to become a Doctor, to begin my career I will be starting university next year to get my degree in B.EMS.
I have been volunteering as Medic in the national ambulance service in Israel. 
Currently I am in a relationship that has been going on for the past 6 years with my girlfriend and once she will finish her service in the IDF we will be going for long trip in the east coast of Australia and hopefully will be moving in together once we will return home from our trip.
My biggest hobby in sailing, at the moment I am doing my Advanced sailing licence.
I love everything that has an engine, I love to work on my motorcycle and car (Sadly i wrecked my motorcycle last September, but I am planing on getting a Harley soon enough)

My most recent picture from my Holiday in Amsterdam 2 weeks after I finished my service in the Navy

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Nice to meet you sir!

 As a fellow service member from the United States, it is great to have you here and look forward to playing. If there is any other games you play let me know as I may be on them as well and can get some good game time in.

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