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Hello! New Member here!


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Hello Guys how are ya! My name is João Vitor, i’m 20 years old and I live in Brazil.

My steam, EGS, Origin/EA name is Astroneer7272 and the battle.net one is Astroneer727#2767.
My Discord is juaum7272

I’m joining to play mostly Rising Storm 2!

I’d said mostly because i’m really open to new games and try to play basically everything, not just FPS ones. But, regarding them, FPS is one of my favorites genres especially being one of the first genres that i’ve played in my life!

Like many people, I started by playing the PS2 era FPS like the classic CODs, Medal Of Honor, Black (huge sucess here in Brazil btw), Battlefield etc and i’ve been going on this path since then.

In conclusion, I play a little bit of everything, ranging from something extremely casual to something extremely hardcore.

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