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Good morning people,


As my name states, I am an Old Slow guy.  I stumbled onRS2VN on Epic Games and started playing last year December.


I like playing as a sniper, although that is a challenge sometimes to select that role, but I join in whatever role is available.

So here I am willing to give it a go, although I battle to see the enemy at times (got more success with the Winter War).


I have been changing my settings to improve my sight and it helped a bit, then I tried other settings and it helped, but funny enough when my ping is low I get a image that is rough meaning it seems like it is freezing and then it goes on.  A bit sticky you may say.  When the ping is in the order of 170+ i get a smooth video and performance seems ok.


I am 64 years old, retiring in October.


So I tried to join the PR server for the Resort 24/7 and was stuck on the spawn site, requested the pilot Chris to please come and give me a lift as I could not spawn at the Resort.  His answer?   ******** off dickhead and he bumped me from the server for "toxic behaviour".  I could have team killed him until I got a lift but I didn't.

That's enough bitching



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