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Dumbass abuses kicks to get commander

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So I've been playing for quite some time now and i particularly love your long campaign server but there's this one sweatlord that broke the experience for me today.

I think his name is [Some 3 letter tag] Rushka or something like that (can't really remember exactly and i have no screenshots or anything)
I was playing with my 2 friends today, 2 of us just unlocked commanders so we were eager to try it out and my friend (nick staswalle) was able to get into the role first.
The map was Hill 937 and we we doing quite good, I was playing sniper, my friend was commander and our other friend was a sapper with squad leader role.
My squad leader friend was placing markers where my commander friend requested and managed to rack up around 20 kills by the time we got past the first 2 points so I think he was doing quite good, but thats where that annoying fuck started complaining that he's "not doing a good job" and that he's losing us the game. He then proceeded to first votekick him out of the role and then votekicked him out for being a "toxic teammate with 0 unforgiven tks" despite my friend not saying anything remotely inflammatory in the chat.
After he got his role, we proceeded to lose the match and another one begun, so I managed to snatch the commander from him on the start of the next match and started watching the tutorial but i got votekicked for "cheating" seconds after that too for trying to get a role i wanted to play i guess.
Anyway, I figured you guys may want to ban that guy for being an annoyance and toxic to newer players that might be less experienced at the game despite him literally doing nothing other the entire match than plotting how to kick my friend out of the role because his selfish ass must play commander.

Entire thing happened around 26-40 minutes ago, you can probably check the logs if you need some sort of proof, i unfortunately wasn't recording that shit cuz i wasn't planning on making this post until i got kicked and now i happen to have nothing better to do

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