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I have been visiting the servers of this community for a long while and while being drunk there has been a decision to somehow join this community. I should start to introduce myself? My username is Culpable and my country is Latvia, have been playing games since 2012 and currently am studying history in university.

I have been playing this game since the open beta and have loved it ever since, unfortunately only started playing actively from 2020 when the game already started dying. Oh well. My interests consist of history, war, culture, ethnic conflicts, army and many other things. I am an member of my country's National Guard so it is cool to take some time off the field and relax in game. Before all of this mostly my gaming consisted of grand theft auto games playing role play game modes. I particularly enjoy RPGs and FPSs but there are not many of good specimens of those around nowadays so I tend to stick to old values like Old School Runescape, Battlefield I, and of course, Rising Storm 2.

As I mentioned before, I am studying history in an university. If anyone wants to kick up a chat about that, feel free. I am an expert in subjects related to the Soviet era related to the Soviet republics and the Union itself, as well many sub theatres of the Second World War. I have had plenty of research on the field as well about lesser known conflicts in the Middle ages and also New ages, so feel free to discuss them with me as well. I hope to say that my skills also come over to languages: I think that I am decent in talking English (?), also I know basics of French and German, while knowing Russian on conversation basis. I love alcohol, drugs and good discussion subjects.

Also, I am a Privacy enthusiast. If you feel you are gangstalked and are a schizophreniac, feel free to hit me up.

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