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  • Rank Structure & Colour Code

    1. CEO / President
      1. The Board of Directors (Command)
        (Executives and appointed Directors)  (Colour is based on main role or rank)
        1. Members of the Board (Colour is based on main role or rank)
    2.  Chief Operating Officer (Director)
      1. Deputy Operating Officer (Director)
        1. Strategic Operations Officer (Director or Officer)
          1. Sector Commander (Director or Officer)
          2. Fleet Commander (Director or Officer)
        2. Industrial Operations Officer (Director or Officer)
          1. Industrialist (Recognized corporation miner, hauler, producer etc)
        3. Director (Director)
        4. Officer (Officer)
        5. Fitting Manager (Officer)
    3. Chief Financial Officer (Director)
      1. Treasury Personnel (Director or Officer)
    4. Chief Human Resources Officer (Director)
      1. HR Director (Director)
        1. HR Personnel (Officer)
    5. Chief Diplomatic Officer (Director)
      1. Diplomatic Relations Officer (Director or Officer)
    6. Members

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