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  • Operations Department


    Operations Department

    Lead by the Chief Operations Officer, this is the second highest rank.

    This department is responsible for overseeing all operations (Fleet, Mining, Exploration, Sovereignty Control etc).

    Chief Operations Officer

    The COO appoints their own deputies who are responsible for various sub-area's such as Mining or a commander of a fleet, they all report to the COO who in-turn reports directly to the CEO.


    • Appointment strictly by the CEO
    • This is an Director position


    Strategic Operations Officer

    The COO can also appoint a Strategic Operations Officer (StratOps) who's job might be to oversee an important station or system.


    • Appointment strictly by the COO or CEO
    • This is a Senior Officer position


    • 30 days as an Officer
    • Passing an interview and background checks, there may be a probation period.

    Abilities & Duties

    • Intelligence Gathering - This position may also double as an Intelligence Officer.
      • StratOps may deploy spy's or other assets to gather information for the area they operate in.
        • You will be told if you can do this when appointed.
    • Duties
      • Preparing assets (ships/stations) for conflict
      • Liaising with Command & Fleet  Commanders
      • Handling logistical matters
      • Intelligence reporting to command
      • Handling diplomatic incidents until a diplomat is on scene to do so
      • Follow all authenticated orders of The Board, COO and CEO
      • May be deployed with a fleet when fleet coordination is needed


    Fleet Commander

    A Fleet Commander is responsible for leading sub-capital and capital fleets into battle.The commanders report to the COO who in turn reports to the CEO. The COO or CEO has the authority to step in and take command of a fleet at any time.


    • Appointment strictly by the COO or CEO
    • This is a Senior Officer position
    • Passing an interview and background checks, there may be a probation period.


    • 30 days as an Officer
    • Superior combat skills
      • Must be able to show evidence of past combat, such as video.
    • Ability to lead and direct others
    • Ability to teach others
    • Retain situational awareness and able to plan in all situations

    Abilities & Duties

    • Abilities
      • Ability to deploy their fleet for combat, training
      • Ability to create sub-fleets
      • Has personal "Command Authority" in the field over their fleet once probation is passed
        • Ability to counter or ignore orders of a StratOps if the result would be against the interests of the corporation
        • Ability to take back command of their fleet from a StratOps, Executive officer or other(s)
          • Cannot counter or ignore orders given by the COO or CEO
          • Cannot overrule commands given by the COO or CEO
          • Authenticated orders cannot be countered or ignored
            • These orders are acts of The Board and considered authenticated orders
      • Ability to appoint deputy commanders within their fleet
    • Duties
      • To defend Phantom Rebels assets and/or interests
      • To follow kill (podding) orders
      • To ensure your fleet is combat ready through training
      • To ensure your fleet is positioned close to where it is likely to be needed
      • To follow all authenticated orders of The Board, COO and CEO
      • To follow all orders of a StratOps for whose system you are in.
        There may be multiple engagements going on within a system, they will direct you to where you are most needed in such a situation.
        • When in such systems the StratOps has authority over you, your fleet and it's commanders
          • Applies to all ranks below the COO or CEO
        • You must get an "all clear to proceed" with the StratOps prior to entering there system, station or area if they are on duty
        • Executive officers that are present in your fleet may assume fleet command if cleared by the COO or CEO
          • They may defer there authority to you while in your fleet, such situations allow a fleet commander to remain in command while in a StratOps controlled system
            • This does not negate that you still need a StratOps permission to enter there control area
            • Does not apply to the COO or CEO
      • To log and write up an fleet engagements
      • To alert Command or your superiors to any situation that might require their attention, if unsure inform the COO or CEO via Discord and tag them.


    Industrial Operations Officer

    The IOO is a Director position which is responsible for overseeing all industry related matters (Production, Mining etc).


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