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    1. Welcome Natekartier to PR! I’m glad to hear that you love RS2, please join our discord server so we can answer your question about members and promotions more in detail
    2. Welcome Katie! Welcome to the forums! Hope you keep having a great time, MadMax will review your application for PR member soon.
    3. Welcome to PR MemeSaurian, I hope you keep enjoying your time on PR server #2 long campaign
    4. Okay, I’m not a mod or staff so I can’t unban you, but if your still banned I can tell a staff to unban you, and if you had a role other then rifleman then a person kicked you for wanting your role, or maybe if laughed and your mic was on people maybe thought you where mic trolling.
    5. 1sanger


    6. thank you very much!
    7. When I became a member of PR I made a discord, I mistyped the password and my email, so I can’t log back in, can I get a new invite to the discord so that I put my new discord account their?
    8. Ok, thank you for responding, I will apply now
    9. I was wondering what are the benefits of being a PR member, and if I can use my epic store ID and not a steam ID, and the last question does it cost money. Sorry if this question was asked before
    10. Hello PR, long time PR server player here, finally decided to join PR
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