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  1. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time with us!
  2. ATTENTION This is the first of many -=PR=- Monthly roundups that the management team will be doing. We will be giving you updates on the community, promotions and further welcoming new members. Community: The past few months have been amazing for -=PR=- We opened up a brand new Minecraft server, We moved our RS2 servers over to new machines with better DDos protection ultimately stopping the DDos attacks we were having. We also opened up a left for dead 2 server and a 7 days to die server. We further expanded our operations department with the creation of new platoons and 2 new ranks, Training Deputy & Training Officer . These are currently being advertised for applications. With these changes everyday we grow and grow as a community, welcoming more and more members every day. Promotions: Congratulations to the following members on their promotions; @Nul_Dhurz to Moderator @Link102 to Staff @Mankar to Staff @Flissto to Platoon Commander of the Flying Corps @Viking to Platoon Commander of the armoured Division @HushedPsycho to Officer New Members: We would like to welcome back one of our old staff members @Mankar its good to have you back. I would like to extend a further welcome to our new members who are just starting their recruit phase or have just passed it! @chen @ChillieBro @_Shuv_ @ObtuseTactician @Maddox @Kawa47NL shylus The staff team would like to thank everyone for being such an awesome community! We really wouldn't be where we are today without such amazing people! You guys are what makes phantom rebels what it is today! Jock General Operations Officer [Aka Max's Bitch]
  3. Jock


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time with us!
  4. Jock

    Rank Structure

    Community Manager (Field Marshal [5*]) Admins Staff Moderator General Operations Officer (General [4*]) Deputy Operations Officer (Lieutenant General [3*]) Strategic Operations Officer (Major General [2*]) Training Deputy (Major General [2*]) Training Officer (Colonel [1*]) Platoon Commander (Colonel [1*]) Senior Officer(Platoon 2IC) Officer (Officer) Members (Private) Chief Human Resources Officer (Lieutenant General [3*]) HR Personnel (Officer/Snr. Officer) Chief Diplomatic Officer (Lieutenant General [3*]) Diplomatic Relations Officer (Officer/Snr. Officer) Chief Financial Officer (Lieutenant General [3*]) Treasury Personnel (Officer/Snr. Officer) All Officers that are above the 3* rank are automatically members of the Command Board.
  5. Jock

    Operations Page

    If you require edit access please speak to @Jock and we can arrange it, you will need to provide an email address. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dxKLqQHvl-2TFcAE0F4v50vIaji8AwQ5n-M4UhtS7rc/edit?usp=sharing
  6. I know Max has already said it but Welcome to Phantom Rebels! I hope you enjoy your time with us.
  7. BRAVO Platoon is now open and recruiting for active members! Please comment below or pm @Jock here or on Discord if you would be interested in joining or would like some more information! The current staff are as follows; @Jock Platoon Commander/IC @Viking 2IC @MadMax Officer I will be planning training evenings and platoon meetings in the future. We ARE the best Platoon within Phantom Rebels.
  8. Another Scot we are growing! soon be enough of us to take over the server
  9. Scotland, the only country where the girls are scarier than the lads... I like you now, we can be friends my fellow Scot
  10. They all get a bowl?? You have only been giving me a spoonful...
  11. Hello there! I'm new to the team, name is Barrie but I go by Jock, I'm 21 but I'll be 22 in June. From Scotland living in England. Currently serving the the Royal Air Force. Hit me up if you fancy playing anything! Got over 400 games on steam. https://steamcommunity.com/id/generic-ginger/
  12. Jock


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