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    Hi, it is me, the aforementioned dork. I click on people in the server sometimes, and that might include you. Fear me ♥ No, but seriously, hi, I'm Steph, I'm from Scotland and I totally shoulda wrote this like half a month ago!
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    Heya, i been a while since i joined PR, so its a shame i didnt introduced myself earlier. Im Flissto (shorter Fliss) and a 19 yo student from Germany. Im a boyscout and Flissto is my scout nickname, so thats were's my name from. I really like to play (Hardcore)-shooter, and some strategic games. Im pretty interested in history, especially in 20th century. Atm im studying at a university and want to become a teacher (maths and IT) in future. I really enjoy to play with u guys!! Love ya all ❤️
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    Hey you are lucky... He offered a bowl of rice a day... I get to munch on his socks when he gets done wearing them.
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    My name is Sachlight, but you can call me Sarah. I've been playing a lot of RS2 lately and have been playing PR servers rather than PBS which I used to play, so here I am! I'm from Scotland and have a fatass cat who would eat me out of house and home if he could. Not much to say about myself to be honest. Any questions and I'll answer away. See you all in 'nam!
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    Scotland, the only country where the girls are scarier than the lads... I like you now, we can be friends my fellow Scot
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    Hey, A short introduction although it probably won't take long until you get to know me anyway. I am Max, ingame my name is Nul-Dhurz and since our commander is already called Max, just call me Nul aka Null. I'm 18 and play on the RS 2 server almost every day. Yes that is me. Looking forward to the next time with -=PR=- BTW since that's what everyone writes. I am German
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    Usually you are warned several times before you get kicked. If this was not the case it was probably a vote kick or a technical error. The admins have no direct control over either.
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    Yo Guys, The name's Fayan but you can call me Hushy. I started playing on PR about a week or two ago and let me say, I really enjoy it. To the staff: Keep up the good work, it's much appreciated. And to MadMax: This community that you have built is one bomb-ass community, great work. There's a picture of my dog attached, hope you like her😂 Hushy 😋
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