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    I'm Echo, i almost know what i'm doing. I'm relatively new to P.C. gaming as i've been a console peasant all my life. I'm in my 30's and i'm yet to win the lottery and live a life of luxury. I picked up RSV thanks to watching a Sovietwomble video, i now have over 700 hours in the game. I play your servers all the time and are friends with a couple of you and figured i'd hop in and see about joining your clan. I'm out of my comfort zone just writing this as i'm quite nervous with strangers so i hope you can be patient with me.

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    Heyo Echo, i think we met each other in the server lately. Im happy to see ya here
    and i hope¬†we will meet us again on the server or in a discord channel ūüôā
    Welcome buddy!

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, im ur pilot today. Please fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the flight"

    If u have any questions or are in need of an admin,
    feel free to message/add me:

    Over and Out

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    Welcome to Phantom Rebels! Any issues feel free to give me a shout!


    General Operations Officer & PR 2iC
    Phantom Rebels Gaming Community

    [email protected]
    Add me on STEAM: Jock


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