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  • New submarine map now active on RS2 #1 server! Green army men maps between 7:30-9:30 - times vary We are recruiting! Signup today via the PR Menu / Apply Now Join the discord to receive the most up-to-date -=PR=- information Skybird is active! Members are always first in queue to join our servers

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    This is the first of many -=PR=- Monthly roundups that the management team will be doing. We will be giving you updates on the community, promotions and further welcoming new members.

    The past few months have been amazing for -=PR=-
    We opened up a brand new Minecraft server, We moved our RS2 servers over to new machines with better DDos protection ultimately stopping the DDos attacks we were having. We also opened up a left for dead 2 server and a 7 days to die server. We further expanded our operations department with the creation of new platoons and 2 new ranks, Training Deputy & Training Officer . These are currently being advertised  for applications. With these changes everyday we grow and grow as a community, welcoming more and more members every day.

    Congratulations to the following members on their promotions;
    @Nul_Dhurz  to Moderator
    @Link102  to Staff
    @Mankar  to Staff
    @Flissto  to  Platoon Commander  of the Flying Corps
    @Viking  to Platoon Commander  of the armoured Division
    @HushedPsycho  to  Officer

    New Members:
    We would like to welcome back one of our old staff members @Mankar  its good to have you back. I would like to extend a further welcome to our new members who are just starting their recruit phase or have just passed it!


    The staff team would like to thank everyone for being such an awesome community! We really wouldn't be where we are today without such amazing people! You guys are what makes phantom rebels what it is today! 

    General Operations Officer
    [Aka Max's Bitch]

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    General Operations Officer
    Phantom Rebels Gaming Community

    [email protected]
    Add me on STEAM: Jock


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