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    how well enforced are rules on this server?

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    Like how active are admins. because i played for 2 days on this and already ive had the worst experience out of any rs2 server. the votekick is abused massively. you play commander and you dont do exactly what ppl want to do and they just try to remove you. without them bothering to even play commander themselves.
    like i wasnt giving a radioman for 10 min so i was stuck on static radios wich ofc were under fire by choppers and because i couldnt call anti-air vs a gunship imidiate attempt to votekick. later my radioman (than you whoever chose this) got shot so i had to run back. before i even had a chance to run back they votekicked me again cause i couldnt call in a barrage. and this happens to EVERY PERSON I SEE PLAYING COMMANDER and it honestly ruins your server. you need to enforce your rules against this abuse much MUCH harsher because it IS abused 200%

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    Admins are always active throughout the day. The majority of our Admins are EU based so that is when we have the highest Admin presence but do we have some N/A staff.

    We may not be directly on the servers but we are always active on voice or with the in game !admin command. Unfortunately there are the few who spoil it for everyone with this sort of toxic behaviour and we have very strict rules in place to try prevent it but some people do slip through.

    The best thing to do is pop on to our Discord and report it in our player reporting channel and it will be dealt with immediately.

    I do apologise for the experiences you have had on our servers.

    For us to be able to enforce the rules harder like you have suggested we need evidence and we need to be alerted the minute the abuse begins to take place.


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    Rules are very well enforced provided one of our team is online to do that. We use our free time in enforcing server rules and moderating.

    While we could give every member admin rights it was decided a long time ago it was better to have a limited number of staff that are level headed rather then all members able to kick or ban. As such there will be times (specially in US night hours) where there is limited staff coverage.

    We do expand our staff team when we can but only when someone can be trusted and has earned that right.

    As Community Manager I do apologise for any issues you may have experienced and can say this is not typical of a Phantom Rebels server and that you just got unlucky.

    We do use Vote kick at night, specially in those US hours to help self-moderate servers, the function can be abused at times, but it is a better choice then having the servers emptied completely by someone mass team killing or yelling racist remarks over the comms.


    Founder & Community Manager (Team Lead)
    Phantom Rebels Gaming Community

    [email protected]

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    MadMax, Jock,

        I have seen and experienced this as well at times, but have not seen it substantially abused. As you said, there will always be that one guy who tries to ruin the game for everyone. Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast. I just grin and bear it most times.

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