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    5. Welcome Natekartier to PR community Please feel free to join us on discord and have some great times. We also support a wide range of other titles.
    6. keryto


    7. If you would like to have your account removed from the website you can PM me. You can also send a simple email from the account email to [email protected] Contact information is also on all pages of the site at the bottom of the page.
    8. Welcome Natekartier if you want to join PR you need to fill out the application form(PR MENU->Apply to join). As sanger said, if you have any more questions just join the discord, someone ill definitely help you.
    9. Welcome Natekartier to PR! I’m glad to hear that you love RS2, please join our discord server so we can answer your question about members and promotions more in detail
    10. rising storm 2 is the best fps alive. Truly my favorite game. love that this game didnt die out like others. A little confused about the member stuff and promotions here. Looking forward to this community.
    11. my discord account was terminated for comedic purposes and now i cant get into the PR discord cause whenever i try it cancels automatically and i get sent an empty screen, could any mod send me a discord invite?
    12. Welcome to the party! Hope to see you on voice sometime soon!
    13. Welcome! Hope to see you ingame soon
    14. Hello Katze glad yo have you on the site, and as always glad to have you in the server! see you on the battlefield!
    15. Welcome Broseph! hope you enjoy your stay and have alot of fun out on the battlefield!
    16. I'm new here and am looking for an active group of RS2 players who can be chill and joke around with me.
    17. Welcome Katie! Welcome to the forums! Hope you keep having a great time, MadMax will review your application for PR member soon.
    18. Hi, I have been playing in PR servers for a while! Nice to join the forum.
    19. Hi MemeSaurian, We are glad to hear you enjoy the PR servers and wanted to take more time to get to know us more. I encourage you to join us on discord and hop in voice chat and play with us some time. We are here to develop friendships and enjoy the games we love. I hope to see you around me. Turtle
    20. Thx Max, it was the first time I ever got kicked so it was a new thing and I didnt even know what to do or If it meant being banned, if it happens again (I hope not) I'll contact trough Discord
    21. thx for the help mate, no it wasn't even because of the mic, I was a rifleman with my mic closed, thats why it seemed so random to me since I didnt even have time to anything subsceptible to be considered "toxic" xD.
    22. To get this undone quicker you can let us know in the discord server is quickest. Vote kicks by a team last until the map changes. hope this helps.
    23. Welcome to PR MemeSaurian, I hope you keep enjoying your time on PR server #2 long campaign
    24. Okay, I’m not a mod or staff so I can’t unban you, but if your still banned I can tell a staff to unban you, and if you had a role other then rifleman then a person kicked you for wanting your role, or maybe if laughed and your mic was on people maybe thought you where mic trolling.
    25. So the thing is I just spawned in the game(PR2-Long campaign, in cu-viet if i remember correctly), took a stranded rpg rocket to the ass(that made me laugh for a while), and after re-spawning and killing a few guys I got kicked for "toxic behaviour". Mind me, it was all in about 2 to 3 mins of entering the server, so I dont know which behaviour was it other than shooting a few bullets and dying to a random rpg rocket. The thing is, I've been unable to join the server ever since, does it have something to do with the kick? Is it some kind of temporal "ban"? Can provide my in-game nickname if needed. Thx a lot to anyone who reads and/or answers.
    26. After a few months of playing on your campaign sever, I decided to join the forum, just to get an insight of whats going on here Happy to be here and wish you all good games!
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